Leadsleap Training Videos

Here is a series of videos I’ve been making to help marketers understand the amazing potential of the Leadsleap marketing platform. To receive these and future Leadsleap training videos in your inbox, hop on board my free Leadsleap Training Videos newsletter.

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1. How To Post An Ad On LeadsLeap

2. How To Earn Credits And Profit Share

3. How To Post The PPC Widget On Your Blog

4. How To Upload PDF Files To Leadsleap

5. Increase Your Web Traffic With The Traffic Coop

6. How To Set Up A Sendsteed Autoresponder Email Series

7. How To Set Up A Landing Page With A Sendsteed Autoresponder Opt-In Form

8. How To Set Up A Thank You Page

9. How To Set Up An Ad Bar To Cross Promote Your Offers

10. How To Upload An Image And Embed It In A Sendsteed Email

11. A Look At The New VA Password Feature

12. How to Embed A Sendsteed Autoresponder Form Into The Prosperity Marketing System

13. Use Tags To Control Who Sees Your Sendsteed Broadcasts

14. How To Add Content Beneath A Sendsteed Signature File

15.How To Add A Background Video To A Landing Page

16. How To Add A Header Logo To Your Emails

17. Where To Read Simple Leadsleap Instructions

18. How To Set Up A CLICKABLE Email Header Logo

19. How To Create An Email Banner Header On Canva.com

20. How To Make Landing Pages More Mobile Responsive

21. How To Auto-Insert Site Names And Track Your Landing Pages

22. How To Set Up A Signature File

23. Automated Sendsteed Email List Management Is Here!

24. New Sendsteed Autoresponder Redirect Page Guidelines

25. Sendsteed Autoresponder Double Opt-In – The Subscriber’s View

26. How To Stop Mouse Theft

27. Auto Image Checker – Instantly Find Broken Images

28. How To Import Leadsleap Sharecodes

29. How The New PDF Rebrander Works

30. Tracking And Split Testing Part 1

31. Tracking And Split Testing Part 2

32. The Most Accurate Leadsleap Tracking Method Revealed