Leadsleap Training Video #25: Sendsteed Autoresponder Double Opt-In – The Subscriber’s View

This Leadsleap training video is a follow-up from video #24, which was about the new double-opt in guidelines for users of Leadsleap’s Sendsteed autoresponder.

Leadsleap Training Video #24: https://top5programs.com/leadsleap-training-video-24-new-sendsteed-autoresponder-redirect-page-guidelines

Viewing The Opt-in Process From The Subscribers Perspective

In this training video I show you what the subscriber sees when opting in to a list that immediately redirects to another page, and also redirects after the subscriber confirms the subscription by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Watch the video for a subscriber’s-eye view:

As I explained in the previous video, the Sendsteed autoresponder now requires a 100% double opt-in to add a subscriber to your mailing list.

When a subscriber opts in, they will receive a message from Sendsteed instructing them to check their email inbox for a verification link. This link must be clicked to confirm their opt-in.

Redirect Pages Are Sill Permitted, But…

Despite the double opt-in requirement, it is still possible to set up a redirect page that operates behind the verification message. In the video I use Jeff Aman’s Easy Commission Funnel to take you through the opt-in process from the subscriber’s point of view.

I chose the Easy Commission Funnel partly because I use it to build one of my mailing lists, and also because it has all the elements in place to demonstrate the new opt-in process.

In the video I opted into my own list to show you what a subscriber would experience. After I submitted the opt-in form on the lead-capture page, a message from Sendsteed popped up telling me to check my inbox.

Behind that pop-up message you can see another semi-obscured page, which is Jeff’s new redirect page. So, it is still possible to redirect new subscribers to a redirect page, but Sendsteed has added one more step to make sure every new subscriber sees a message telling them to verify their decision to opt in.

After opting in, the subscriber must close the pop-up page to access the redirect page. In other words, the decision to visit the redirect page now rests with the new subscriber.

Post Verification Redirect Page

After clicking the verification link and completing the double opt-in process, the newly verified subscriber will see a countdown timer and a link. If the subscriber clicks the link it will take them through to the post-verification redirect page.

I hope this explanation clarifies the situation with the Sendsteed autoresponder.

The extra steps have been put in place to increase the verification rate and also to protect Sendsteed autoresponders from getting flagged for spamming by redirecting subscribers without their consent.

If my explanation seems a bit complex, just watch the video and you’ll see everything from the new subscriber’s perspective. Hopefully, that will clarify the process for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments.


David Hurley

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