My Top 5 Programs For 2020

As of 5th January 2020, my Top 5 Programs are:

  • The Prosperity Marketing System
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Click Track Profit
  • Webtalk
  • SFI

Four of these programs have been around for several years and are tried, tested and respected in their field. Webtalk is the newest program, having been beta-launched in July 2018 after several years of development. However, I feel it merits our attention as a program to work with.

I work with all five programs to build my online business and the programs work very well together. You too can use them to break free of the rat-race. Create a fully integrated professional and profitable online business that you can run from anywhere that’s connected to the Internet.

Here is a quick overview of each program:

1. The Prosperity Marketing System

How would you like to have the ability to completely customize your very own marketing funnel system with programs of YOUR choice?

Yep, just delete the ones you don’t like and add your own. Then, promote your system and earn 100% commissions at the same time.

Multiple streams of income and downline growth is the fastest way to online wealth, and now you can have the control over which downlines to grow while you brand yourself independently of any of them.

Plus, if the people you refer decide NOT to join your primary business, you get paid anyway! Wait… A “No” means money in your pocket? You bet! You win no matter what happens, but only if you are using the Prosperity Marketing System.

Click this link to find out more about The Prosperity Marketing System

2. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been providing top quality Internet business training and secure WordPress web-hosting services since 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate trains you to start, manage and promote a business blog in whatever niche you prefer. (Actually, you can build up to 50 WordPress blogs in as many different niches if you wish!)

I joined WA in October 2015 and built on their SiteRubix WordPress hosting platform. 🙂

3. Click Track Profit

I’m excited to see the relaunch of Click Track Profit by Jon Olson. Click Track Profit originally launched back in 2011. It offered a fun way to go through step-by-step training mainly focused on working with traffic exchanges and viral mailers. While that aspect is still there, the new CTP is much more focused on social media branding, blogging and working with crypto currencies.

What is especially exciting is that CTP now has its own crypto token (CTP Token) and newly a launched payment processor called Fire-Pay. That could be exciting news for program owners looking for an easy way to accept online payments.

However, what is even more exciting is their new blogging platform, CTP Talk, where you get paid in crypto tokens for blogging, commenting and “upvoting” other people’s blog posts or comments.

To see what it’s all about, check out my CTPTalk blog at:

Click this link to find out more about Click Track Profit

4. Webtalk

Webtalk is a social media platform that gives YOU complete control over who sees your posts and pays you 10% commission up to 5 levels deep on your referrals’ and downline’s ad purchases and upgrades.

Start using Webtalk to build your business, social and other networks today – and easily control who sees which posts.

Webtalk is free to join with some great upgrade options. However, you can only join by invitation:

5. SFI

Launched in 1999, SFI has grown to become the Internet’s most popular and innovative free-to-join business program. I joined in April 2007. Two years later, SFI launched their Tripleclicks online store, adding thousands of new ways to generate commissions.

Over the last few years I have built up my residual income and an active team of affiliates.

With SFI I earn both cash commissions, which are paid into my Paypal account. From 2019 I also began to convert SFI’s Rewardical Tokens into Bitcoin. There are many ways to roll with SFI!

David Hurley