Leadsleap Training Videos #2: How To Earn Credits And Profit Share

This is the second in a series of Leadsleap training videos.

In the video I take you through the relatively simple process of surfing ads to earn advertising credits. I also show you how many credits you can earn per click.

Also covered:

  • Credit overrides from your direct referrals.
  • How to earn credit overrides on 10 levels of your downline.
  • How to earn daily profit share bonuses.

How Ad Credits Are Calculated On Leadsleap

For Free Members

  • First 5 seconds: 0.2 credit
  • Thereafter: 0.05 credit every 5 sec for up to 1 minute
  • Maximum credit earned per ad: 0.75 credit

For Pro Members

  • First 5 seconds: 0.4 credit
  • Thereafter: 0.05 credit every 5 sec for up to 1 minute
  • Max credit earned per ad: 0.95 credit
Source: https://leadsleap.com/blog/important-changes-to-our-credit-system/

Additional Information About Surfing, Not In The Video

The Leadsleap surfing system is intelligent enough to detect whether you are really surfing or not. I found a comment by Kenneth Koh on his Leadsleap blog which explains that,

“The system has a heuristic algorithm to calculate if the surfing is natural.”

Source: https://leadsleap.com/blog/major-changes-in-our-ad-viewer-and-credit-system/

You may wonder why you do not earn more credits per ad when surfing Leadsleap. As Kenneth Koh points out:

“It is what the credit can get you that matters. Our credit can bring traffic to your website and earn you money.”

Source: https://leadsleap.com/blog/major-changes-in-our-ad-viewer-and-credit-system/

How To Qualify For Daily Active Bonus On Leadsleap

To qualify for the daily active bonus (which I referred to as a “profit share” in the video) you need to view at least ten ads. The more ads you view the bigger the bonus – but even so, you won’t get very rich off it!

Here are my credit and bonus earning stats for a ten-day period in November 2022:

As you can see, on a typical day I will earn about 1.5-1.8 cents. Although I make it a habit to surf at least ten sites a day to qualify for the Daily Active Bonus, the main purpose of surfing is to keep the credits flowing to my free credit ad. I don’t pay much attention to the bonus earnings; it is simply a nice bonus for surfing ads on Leadsleap.

I hope you enjoyed this training session and got something of value out of it.

All the best,

David Hurley


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