LeadsLeap is an excellent traffic generation program with a portfolio of useful tools to help you promote yourself and your business much more effectively.

Here’s what you get:

  • Real traffic to your websites. (My most responsive traffic comes from Leadsleap.)
  • Sendsteed autoresponder. (Unlimited lists and subscribers for a fixed monthly fee.)
  • Page builder. (Create & host opt-in pages, splash pages, thank you pages, download pages.)
  • Popup creator. (Create & host attention-grabbing pop-ups for your blog.)
  • Link tracker. (Track your hits, unique hits, visit duration and visitor location.)
  • Image hosting. (Add your images to your pages and store them on Leadsleap.)
  • PDF file hosting. (Provide secure download links for your e-books and other documents.)
  • Make money through the affiliate program, ad views, traffic coop, as well as from your ads.

I have been with LeadsLeap since 2008. Joining Leadsleap was one of my best online business decisions! It has been one of my Top 5 Programs ever since I launched this blog back in 2017.

Check out my series of Leadsleap Training Videos to learn how to get the most out of Leadsleap.