Leadsleap Training Video #9: How To Set Up An Ad Bar To Cross-Promote Your Offers

This is the ninth in a series of Leadsleap training videos.

In this video I show you how to set up a horizontal ad bar across the top of your tracked ads so that you can cross-promote a secondary offer and add some personal branding to the primary at the same time.

Check Out My Ad Bar

Here’s what my ad bar looks like over a random ad from the Leadsleap traffic coop:

(Click the image to check out the ad bar in action.)

Why Use An Ad Bar?

I’ve already mentioned that you can use an ad bar to promote a secondary offer and also to add some personal branding to the page you are promoting, but why else would you want to use an ad bar?

1. Promote Your Offer While Promoting The Traffic Coop

One way I use the ad bar is to promote the Leadsleap traffic coop that Kenneth recently launched. The coop sends a lot of traffic to Pro member ads, and you also get paid for delivering clicks to the coop rotator.

So I have added an ad bar to the coop link. I use the ad bar to promote my own landing page and add some personal branding to the top of whichever page the traffic coop link happens to be showing. And I get paid for doing that.

I use that link to promote the coop – and my secondary offer on traffic exchanges where you have to spend more than five seconds viewing the page. That way, I get value for money from my traffic-exchange campaigns.

Kenneth Koh suggests a couple of other interesting ways to use an ad bar, so what follows has been plundered from him!

2. Promote Time-Sensitive Offers

If you have a time-sensitive offer that you want to promote across all your traffic sites here’s how an ad bar can help. First, I assume you are using Leadsleap tracking links to promote all your ads.

If you are, then instead of swapping out your current ads for the time-sensitive ad (and then swapping the ads again when the time-sensitive campaign is over), simply create an Ad Bar and check the “show ad bar” box in all your Tracked Links.

That way, you can run your time-sensitive offer as a secondary ad through a text link in your ad bar across the top of all the campaigns that you are currently running.

3. Leverage Other People’s Content To Quietly Promote Your Offer

This one is quite clever, and perhaps it could be adapted by Hive bloggers in some way. Here’s what Kenneth writes:

Let’s say someone ask a question in the forum and you know an article (someone else’s article by the way) that can answer the question, you can cloak that article using Tracked Link and then add your own Ad Bar to that link.

When people click the link, they not only get the answer to the question, but also see the offer in your Ad Bar.

As you can see, Ad Bars can be used in several ways to beef up your online promotions.

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If you don’t yet have an account with Leadsleap – what on earth are you doing?? :0 – you can try it out free here (affiliate link): https://leadsleap.com/?r=hirohurl

Blooper Report

By the way, the program I mistakenly call “The Traffic Engine” in the video is actually The Click Engine. I posted some videos about that buyer-traffic delivery service on my “Top 5 Programs” blog:

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