Leadsleap Training Video #23: Automated Sendsteed Email List Management Is Here!

In this Leadsleap training video update I look at the latest automated email list management tweak that Kenneth Koh has added to Sendsteed. The new function enables you to have subscribers moved automatically from one list to another. This new function is called Auto Switch List and is a big deal for anyone who manages email lists.

What Is “Auto Switch List”?

The Auto Switch List function allows list managers to automate the process of moving subscribers from one list to another.

After a subscriber completes an email series on one list, they can be automatically moved to another list. In the video I show you how easy it is to set up the process of automatically moving subscribers from one list to another, and setting which email in the list you want them to start from.

I also go through some questions about the function, such as whether a subscriber will exist on both lists after the switch (they will not), and whether it’s possible to switch lists through a link in an email clicked by the subscriber (not yet).

Live Demo Set Up

Finally, I provide a live demonstration of how to set up the Auto Switch List function in Leadsleap. In the demonstration I set up my Easy Commission Funnel email follow-up list to automatically receive subscribers who finish the email series in the Livegood Follow-Ups list.

In conclusion, the Auto Switch List function in Leadsleap is a valuable tool for list managers who want to automate the process of moving subscribers from one list to another. With this new function, managing Sendsteed email lists inside Leadsleap is easier and more efficient than ever before.


David Hurley


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