Leadsleap Training Video #31: Tracking And Split Testing Part 2


In part 2 of my mini-series about split-testing and tracking on Leadsleap, I take things to the next level by embedding a snippet of tracking code onto a landing page so that I can see which traffic sources, and which lead capture pages, are delivering confirmed subscribers to my mailing list.

In my first Leadsleap tracking and split testing training blog post I explained how to get a rough idea of which sources and lead capture pages were performing the best by checking the “Actions” column of the 30 day stats page.

“Actions” Are Not Necessarily “Subscribers”

Checking the “Actions” column is a useful “rule of thumb” but all it measures is how many visitors “did something” on the lead capture page.

As we see in today’s video, not all the action takers actually opt in or confirm their subscription. Some action-takers may simply click the opt-in button without actually opt-in, or they may begin the opt-in process by pasting in their email address, but fail to click the button, and so on. In short, all the “Actions” metric measures is an “action” whether or not it leads to someone opting in to your mailing list.

How To Track Where Subscribers Came From More Accurately

By pasting some code on the post-confirmation Welcome Page (or Thank You page), you get a much better picture of where your subscribers are coming from and which lead capture page they pass through. That will make both your ad-tracking and your split-testing much more accurate.

Once you know what steps to take to set up this more detailed tracking system, you will see that it is actually very quick and easy to do, provided that you have already created a Welcome Page that you redirect your subscribers to immediately after they have confirmed their subscription.

Watch The Video To See How To Track And Split-Test:

More Detailed Tracking Options

As Leadsleap provides two tracking columns for each landing page in your Page Manager, you could use Column A to track subscribers who complete the opt-in form, and Column B to track subscribers who go on to confirm their opt-in.

To do that, you would need to create a post-optin Thank You Page where you would post the Column A code snippet, and then a post-confirmation Welcome Page where you would post the Column B code snippet.

That would show you how many people are opting in but not confirming their subscription. If you discovered that a lot of people were not confirming, then you would need to tweak the first Thank You Page, and quite possibly the CTAs on your Lead Capture Pages. But all that would be a good subject for a future Leadsleap Training Video.

Another option would be to track subscribers who confirm their opt in and subscribers who click through to your sales page. In that case, you would need to post the Column A code snippet on the Welome Page, and Column B code snippet on the Sales Page.

The Column A and Column B tracking codes give you a lot of options for in-depth tracking and split testing, enabling you to optimize both your advertising resources and the effectiveness of your landing pages in generating the desired actions from your traffic.


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