Leadsleap Training Video #4: How To Upload PDF Files To Leadsleap

This is the fourth in a series of Leadsleap training videos. In this video I show you how to upload pdf files to Leadsleap, and how to share them.

You can easily convert a Google doc into a pdf file. Simply hit the “print” icon then choose the “download as pdf” option. I have been creating my ebooks in that way for many years now.

The LeadsLeap PDF storage service is a premium service for Pro members only. Pro membership of LeadsLeap costs $27 per month.

LeadsLeap: A “Top 5 Program” Since 2017

Leadsleap has been one of my “Top 5 Programs” ever since I launched my blog back in 2017.


Firstly because its advertising service has consistently out-performed every other advertising site that I have used. I think that is because many of the ads LeadsLeap handles are syndicated out to numerous blogs where they attract clicks based on interest, not on incentives.

Secondly, LeadsLeap comes with an excellent suite of Internet marketing tools, which not only includes the pdf storage service that I discussed in the video, but also the SendSteed autoresponder, landing page creator, and much more.

Do you work with LeadsLeap? If so, what’s your favourite feature or tool? Let us know in the comments below!


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