Leadsleap Training Video #11 – A Look At The New VA Password Feature

On 24th August 2022, Leadsleap owner Kenneth Koh announced the introduction of a new feature called “VA Password”.

What Is A VA Password?

A “VA Password” is a password you can set up in your Leadsleap account and give to your “virtual assistant” or to someone who you have asked to help you with your advertising campaigns inside your Leadsleap account.

The VA Password gives access to all the tools inside a Leadsleap account, but it does not give access to the personal side of the account. You cannot access the account-holder’s financial details or account settings with a VA Password.

As someone who is sometimes called upon to help clients with their Leadsleap account, this is a welcome improvement. It always feels a bit awkward requesting a client’s log-in details because of the degree of trust and responsibility involved. Now, the VA Password makes the process a lot easier and secure for both parties.

My VA Password Video

Here’s my video run-through of how the Leadsleap VA Password works and how to set it up.

Kenneth Koh’s Blog Post

Here is Kenneth Koh’s blog post about the VA Password that I referenced in the video:


If you have a Leadsleap account and could do with some help setting things up, feel free to drop me a line. I will request your VA Password and then log in and check things out for you.

Not yet in Leadsleap? Try it out free here (affiliate link): https://leadsleap.com/?r=hirohurl

Best wishes,

David Hurley


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