Leadsleap Training Video #19: How To Create An Email Banner Header On Canva.com

In my Leadsleap Training Video 16 and Video 18 I went over how to add a header-banner to the top of your Sendsteed autoresponder email letters, but I didn’t show you how easy it is to make your own unique, personally-branded header-banner.

That’s what I show you in this training video. 🙂

Let’s Go To Canva To Make A Header Banner

Today we are going to head over to the free graphic creation service called Canva.com to make a banner header for our Sendsteed autoresponder email series.

It’s both free and very easy to create a decent looking, personally-branded, header banner that you can have automatically showing at the top of every email you send out on the Sendsteed autoresponder…

I’m not a graphic designer, but here’s the header banner I knocked up in less than five minutes for my Leadsleap Training Video email series:

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And here’s how to create a header banner:


Canva.com is an amazing free resource. I use it to create all my graphics, not only email headers, but also the blog post images you see on this blog, banner ads, explainer graphics, and a lot more.

Check it out here: https://www.canva.com

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