The Most Accurate Leadsleap List Tracking Method Revealed!

I recently consulted Leadsleap owner Kenneth Koh about the best and most accurate way to track where new list subscribers are coming from in any given month. I suggested that the most reliable method to check opt-in stats was to manually count active and unverified subscribers along with their traffic sources. Kenneth responded affirmatively and showed me a more efficient method than the one I had been using.

Here’s the streamlined process Kenneth shared with me:

  1. Go to Your List: Begin by accessing your list on LeadsLeap.
  2. Join Toggle: Click on the join toggle.
  3. Show 100 Entries: Set the display to show 100 entries.
  4. Select Month and Year: Enter the specific month and year you want to analyze.

Watch the video to see how it’s done:

Tracking Traffic Sources, and Subscriber Status

For example, if you want to check your subscribers for April 2024, enter “2024-04” in the search box. This will display all the subscribers for that month. If you have fewer than 101 subscribers, they will all appear on a single page.

Next, navigate to the “Source” column. By toggling it, you can organize the sources in alphabetical order. I chose to do this in reverse alphabetical order, which revealed my subscribers’ origins in a clear and organized manner. For instance, I could see all my YouTube subscribers listed together: eight YouTube subscribers in April, followed by two website traffic reward subscribers, and numerous subscribers from Traffic Zipper, my top source for list subscribers.

Continuing down the list, I identified subscribers from Traffic Blaster Pro, Traffic AdBar, Profit from Free Ads, LeadsLeap, my blog, The Click Track Profit traffic exchange site, and “brd.” (In the video, I couldn’t remember what “brd” referred to, but later realized it was the tracking code for my broadcasts to my lists.) There were also subscribers from 100 Percent Clicks, Frank Salinas’ site, and a few unverified ones, likely from personal email conversations.

For a rundown of my top traffic sources in the previous month go to:

This method allows for a comprehensive view of subscriber sources and statuses, clearly differentiating between verified and unverified subscribers, as well as active and inactive ones. While the counting process remains manual, this approach is far more efficient than sifting through each subscriber one by one.

I hope you found this Leadsleap tracking guide helpful. I believe it’s the ultimate method for accurately and comprehensively tracking who’s been opting into your list each month.


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