Leadsleap Training Video #17: Where To Read Simple Leadsleap Instructions

Oh no!

Trevor wants to know where he can get simple Leadsleap instructions that he can READ!

Oi, Trever my chavvy, what’s wrong with watching my blinking videos, eh?

Well, OK, if you insist, in this video I show you where you can get clear READING instructions for Leadsleap.

There are plenty of them right on the Leadsleap site itself, as you will see… if you watch the video!

Feedback On The Rise

Trevor’s question is just one of several that I have received over the last few days about working with Leadsleap.

This video, my previous video, and the next one in the pipeline have all been inspired by questions from viewers, with more questions coming in that may result in new video content.

Watch this space for more subscriber-led Leadsleap-related video content!

And if you have any questions about how to work with Leadsleap, whether it’s to do with email marketing, or posting ads, or whatever, feel free to post your question in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Not yet a Leadsleaper? (What are you playing at?)

Get started with Leadsleap free here:


Best wishes,

David Hurley


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