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How To Track Website Traffic And Why It Matters

July 7, 2017 David Hurley 0

Do you know who’s visiting your blog? If not, do you know how to track website traffic so you can find out?

It’s obviously not be possible to know them all by name (Dah!). But it should be your business to know some of the key characteristics of your audience.

Here’s why it is important to know who your audience is…

AdKreator: A Review Of The Online Ad Creator Service

June 18, 2017 David Hurley 0

AdKreator is an online ad creator service that makes it easy for you to make your own unique ad pages and banners.

I use AdKreator to create unique squeeze pages, banner ads and other graphics.

In this review of AdKreator I show you how easy it is to use this online ad creator, both for your own promotions and those of your clients.

Even if you do not have any graphic design skills, you can create unique eye-catching ads with drag-and-drop ease…