Is Your Business Inspired By Passion Or Profit?

While most people start an online business to generate extra cash, success is inspired by something much deeper. Is your business inspired by passion or profit? Maybe both? So which comes first for you, profit or passion? Or can a successful online business be driven equally by both?

Actually, the driving force behind true success has fascinated humankind for ages. Tons of self-help books have been published on this very subject.

However, the question of profits or passion usually creates a dilemma for internet marketers.

The success of a website is usually measured by the income it generates. Yet, in order to succeed in the business, passion for solving problems within a specific market is essential. As a result, many online marketers get confused about whether to follow their passion or profit.

Profit Or Passion: Which Comes First?

One of the most important steps in starting up online involves choosing a niche. At this stage, online marketers are faced with the tough choice. They can pursue profit or passion. And sadly, either choice is usually pursued at the expense of the other.

For example, one marketer builds a business in a niche they have little passion for. They don’t care enough about the subject to learn about it and generate decent business ideas around it. As a result, their content is basic, at best. The business lacks originality and fails to differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace. The drive for profit over passion ended up with neither profit or passion.

On the other hand, another marketer creates an excellent site around a topic they’re deeply passionate about. However, the niche is simply not viable for business. Despite the top quality content put up, the site never gets to turn a profit. At the end of the day, the marketer wrongly concludes that passion is worthless in online business building.

However, some savvy marketers build successful businesses in niches they have neither passion for nor knowledge about. They make serious profits with their sites, usually by using other people’s experience, passion and knowledge to their advantage.

If you lack the passion, knowledge or interest in a profitable niche, find people who love it and harness their enthusiasm. Every business needs a healthy balance of both passion and profitability to thrive.

Building A Business Inspired By Passion

Given the examples above, it is enticing to follow the money and hope to be like the savvy marketer. But clichéd as it may sound, money doesn’t count for everything in business. Sure, we all want to make money. But when all that a business can do for you is generate money, it’ll soon be a boring endeavor. Besides, it’s risky and likely very short lived.

When you build a business around your passion, you inspire people and make a difference. You easily differentiate yourself and come across as a trustworthy authority. You’ll experience what it means to get what YOU want from helping enough others get what THEY want. Now that’s more fulfilling than creating a cold cash machine.

Tom Bilyue, founder of Quest Nutrition shared his business success story, which perfectly illustrates the importance of passion. The interview illustrates how Tom’s first business, though successful, only gave him momentary happiness. He goes on to explain how, by following his passion, he attained framework happiness through Quest Nutrition.

Watch the full interview below and get inspired to follow your passion; and indeed, your success!

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