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A Birthday Winner On St. George’s Day!

April 23, 2017 David Hurley 2

In today’s prize draw for active members of my SFI team, the winner was a birthday boy from Romania, Lazar Dumitru Daniel. Happy Sfantul Gheorghe’s Day, Lazar!

Lazar wins a $25 Gift Certificate simply by being an active member of my SFI team. 🙂

Here is the video of my prize draw taking place…

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My Easter SFI Prize Draw | What SFI Affiliates Should Focus On

April 16, 2017 David Hurley 0

Here is the video of my Easter Sunday SFI Gift Certificate Prize Draw. The prize was a $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate, with 61 members of my team qualifying to enter.

In the video I talked about my response to an email I received from Simon, who recently purchased my ebook, SFI Affiliate Success Handbook on

Simon asked for some advice about upgrading to Silver Team Leader. He felt it was strange that he should need to have at least one affiliate who is a Bronze Team Leader before being able to upgrade to STL.

Here is an extract from my rely…

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Get Ready For SFI Opti Build… & My Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw!

March 26, 2017 David Hurley 2

In today’s video I talk about how I plan to work with the new SFI Opti Build program. Then I run my weekly Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw. The prize was $75, and 67 affiliates were qualified to win this week, if the dice were kind…

Watch the video to get my take on Omni Builder and to see how the prize draw went… I posted the transcript below for those of you who prefer to read.