How To Get More Website Visitors To Take Action

Whatever your online business, knowing how to get more website visitors to take action is the key to success. It is one of the most profitable business skills you can develop. Mastering the art of conversion should be your ultimate goal. All other activities are simply means to that particular end, or a consequence of it.

Although there are various ways of improving conversion metrics, content marketing is perhaps the most powerful. The internet is essentially the marketplace for content. As people surf the net, they are literally “shopping” for content. And online businesses seek to provide the best content for those “shoppers”.

Here are five tips to show you how to get more website visitors to take action through compelling content.

5 Ways To Create Action-Inspiring Web Content

1. Focus On Benefits

Product reviews are perhaps the most common forms of sales copy used by internet marketers. However, it is also one of the most abused. When reviews are biased and hyped up with too-good-to-be-true claims, they lose their effectiveness. Nothing could be less inspiring than a clearly hyped up article.

The trick is to focus on the benefits of your offer. By emphasizing the benefits, your content comes across as helpful and informative. In a sense, you sell without “selling”; providing strong reasons why a certain action will benefit your reader.

2. Demonstrate Through “How To” Content

If you’ve visited websites like and, you probably understand the impact of such content. Their high traffic count is evidence of their popularity and value to content consumers.

“How-to” content is highly action-oriented. Visitors who spend time on that page know what they want. They are raring to spring into action; as soon as you tell them how. They already possess the requisite motivation that drives action.

How-to content offers the direction such readers need to make their actions worthwhile. This kind of content is most effective when it is delivered in video format.

3. Strategically Place CTAs Within Your Content

I often check out my competitors’ websites both for inspiration and identifying sneaky mistakes to look out for. A while ago I came across a very well-written sales page for a digital product. Reading through it, my interest in the product grew.

Midway through the copy, I was sure I wanted to buy a copy. But alas, the novice marketer didn’t include a link to the product until the very end. Even then, it was an obscure text link which wasn’t easy to notice.

If you expect web visitors to take certain actions on your pages, make it super easy for them to do it. Include clear Call-To-Action features like buttons, banners and images. And you don’t necessarily need to wait till the very end to call visitors into action. Do it all through the article, particularly near your strongest points (benefits, pros, features, etc).

4. Create Scarcity With Limited Time Offers

Another powerful trick to inspire action is to create scarcity. You’ve probably seen many offers which are only open for a limited time. If you don’t take them up immediately, you’ll likely never see that offer again.

When resources are limited, their value dramatically rises. That’s a basic concept which drives all economic activity. The same concept drives buying psychology; and it should be part of your marketing arsenal. Just a word of advice though; don’t be tempted to create fake scarcity.

5. Provide Proof of Results

Gone are the days when people believed almost everything they read on the internet. Unfortunately, scam artists have planted suspicion in the minds of online consumers. For the sake of improving conversions, it is essential to validate any claims with credible evidence.

Video allows you to demonstrate how something works or performs. Marketers have used various media to prove positive results of using the product on offer. Such media makes content much more believable and inspires web visitor to try it for themselves.

Effective Websites Inspire Action

If you really think about it, website content exist to motivate particular actions. And website visitors actually expect to do something after reading your content. If you don’t invite them to act, they miss the point of your content and will most likely navigate away.

Ask them to signup to your newsletter, download your eBook, click an ad, share your content or watch a video. Now you know how to get more website visitors to take action, go over your blog content and make the necessary tweaks and edits to improve your response rate.

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