How To Make Your Online Business Successful in 5 Easy Steps

Are you at a loss to know how to make your online business successful? Perhaps you are simply struggling to generate any meaningful online income.

When you fail to make any money in one program, do you “hop” into another program, and then another, and another? If you are “program hopping” in search of the holy grail that will solve all your problems, STOP right now!

Today, I want to share with you five simple steps that will show you how to make your your online business successful. Follow these five steps and you will make your online business fail-proof.

But, Before That… Here are 3 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistake #1: Re-inventing the Wheel

While it is necessary to differentiate yourself and your offering, there are certain things that you shouldn’t sweat over. Don’t start from scratch when other people have already built a successful system. Instead, find out what’s already working and build on that.

For example, why spend time and money programming your own tracking system when there is a tried and tested tracking service ready to plug and play?

Mistake #2: Proceeding Without A Plan

Despite this being one of the most basic start-up tips, it’s amazing how much it continues to be overlooked. Without a plan, you’ll have no clear goals and whatever you’re hoping to achieve will be rendered unrealistic.

Mistake #3: Analysis Paralysis

This is where you get stuck in a never-ending-cycle of analysing things. Don’t over-analyse anything! It would be wonderful to achieve perfection, but time is money and perfection comes at too great a cost.

The key is NOT perfection, but progress. And you can only make progress by taking your first step HERE and NOW.

So, let’s get moving with Step One right now.

How To Make Your Online Business Successful, Step #1: Build A Basic Business Plan

A business plan doesn’t need to be complex to be effective.

A description of what you want to achieve, how and when you’ll achieve it will suffice. Your plan should clearly describe your vision for your business.

Focus on who your customers will be, the problems they have and how your business will solve them.

How To Make Your Online Business Successful, Step #2. Copy, Paste & Test

Always get inspiration from what’s already working. And NO, I’m not suggesting that you duplicate someone else’s work verbatim. You can draw inspiration from ideas that prove successful, then put your own spin on them.

Even when you copy a successful idea, you still need to test your offer. Testing is a continuous process that will incredibly improve your conversion rate. Omit it at your own peril.

How To Make Your Online Business Successful, Step #3. Use The Right Tools

In this blog post I shared the story of how my web host screwed me over, leading to the death of my old online business blog. However, the phoenix rose again with the birth of

The lesson I learnt is that not all online tools and services are right for your business. In fact, most of the cut-price internet tools available to you are worthless.

I only use tools and services I’ve tried and tested to be just right for my business. You should do the same. The most important service to get right is your web hosting service. I learnt it is a big mistake to put price above quality. Today, I host this and all my other blogs on SiteRubix because it is a quality hosting service that I trust.

How To Make Your Online Business Successful, Step #4: Build A Marketing Funnel

Now that you have a clear plan of action plus a set of proven tools and methods; it’s time to put them together into a funnel system. This is essential for any business to continuously generate sales and revenue online.

A marketing funnel is basically a continuous system which acquires and qualifies leads for your offers and manages them effectively to generate sales. You’ve heard about the importance of lead generation, right? It is the most important part of a marketing funnel.

Here is one of the marketing funnels I use to pull leads into my online business.

How To Make Your Online Business Successful, Step #5. Understand The Power Of Patience & Persistence

Contrary to popular belief, patience has nothing to do with delaying to make any money. You should want to start profiting as quickly AS POSSIBLE, not as quickly as you dream and certainly not as quickly as you need.

The market dictates how quickly you profit, based on how your leads and prospects respond to your offers. Many of your sales efforts will fail. But that is okay if you are tracking your results and if you are persistently working to improve them.

Understanding that concept is what patience is all about. Doing it again and again is what persistence is all about.

Allow your testing to tell the full story. Track your clicks and determine what your market is responding to. Give your site time to grow and attract a following. Nothing ever happens overnight.

Simple Is The New Sophisticated

It’s funny that most people would rather spend tons of cash on crappy, over-hyped systems that promise unrealistic results just because they seem flashy and sophisticated.

Don’t be fooled. Making money online is a lot easier than most people think.

All you need is a simple business building process which instils the required level of discipline.

Discipline = taking the steps you need to take + testing those steps + patience + persistence.

And I’ve just given it to you 100% free. 🙂

David Hurley

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