6 John Assaraf Quotes To Help You Build Your Business

Part of my daily routine involves searching for ways to improve my online business, or for insights that motivate me to do so. When I read an inspiring book or listen to successful people telling their stories, I’m always looking for quotations that are worth sharing.

John Assaraf quoteEvery Tuesday I cook dinner for my family. I usually listen to Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness YouTube podcast while I cook. It is one of my favourite evenings of the week.

A while ago, I listened to Lewis Howes talking to John Assaraf about Unlocking Your Brain’s Full Potential. John Assaraf was one of the contributors to The Secret back in 2008.

I picked up some interesting quotes which I think you’ll find useful as you go about your online business.

6 Inspiring John Assaraf Quotes

If you’ve tried the very least to seek personal development advice, the name John Assaraf must have popped up somewhere in the results. He’s a successful personal development coach, entrepreneur and author of multiple NY bestsellers, including Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams.

You’ll understand why I (as do many success seeking individuals all over the world) take what he says seriously and try to apply it in what I do. The keyword here is “apply”, which is critical in converting theory into practice to form the basis of action.

Let’s review the wise words of John Assaraf, behavioral and mindset expert…


John Assaraf Quote #1

“Business is (all about) the fundamentals. Being healthy… (that’s) fundamentals. Having great relationships… (that’s) fundamentals. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science. And if you understand the science and you take action, then you can achieve the success you want at just about anything.”

The term “fundamentals” simply means “basics”. So essentially this means building a successful business is all about understanding and applying the basics of sound business practice. If you choose to ignore the basics, then you give up all hopes for any form of success.

John Assaraf Quote #2

“If you want to change your behaviour, focus on the beliefs that drive your behaviours.”

Lewis asked John why people hesitate to start a business. John was quick to mention fear. But behind “fear” is a debilitating belief that “you cannot” do it. As long as you hang on to the underlying belief, your behavior will not change. Instead, it will feed into your fear.

John Assaraf Quote #3

“You cannot achieve results without some kind of discipline.”

Those who’ve achieved real success in anything have developed discipline. Successful athletes follow a strict exercise program. Those who’ve successfully lost weight are great at resisting their cravings for bad food.

Likewise, if you want to succeed in business, you must discipline yourself to do whatever it takes.

John Assaraf Quote #4

“Reduce it to the ridiculous…”

When we set goals, we often view them with a big picture mentality. While that is OK, it can create an image of a huge, insurmountable task which can scare you into inaction. There is a simple trick to overcoming that danger. Break your big-picture goal down into a set of ridiculously simple tasks which you can start doing NOW!

John Assaraf Quote #5

“The habit is more important than the intensity at first”

We all know that kicking bad behaviour is a painful process. But it has to be done for the sake of success. The best way to deal with it is to learn a new counter-habit. Don’t worry if it’s something that seems ridiculously small.

For example, doing five push-ups may seem insignificant until you get in the habit of doing push-ups daily, which is a great base to build from. Establishing the habit (doing push-ups daily) is  more important than the intensity (number of push-ups). Later on, once the habit is established, it will be much easier gradually to increase the intensity.

John Assaraf Quote #6

“Every good discipline affects another; and every bad discipline affects others.”

Nothing ever works in isolation. Every decision, action – and even inaction – influences and is influenced by several other factors.

One of John Assaraf’s goals is to touch the lives of a billion people. Not entirely through himself but also through the people he comes into contact with. This clearly illustrates the ripple effect, whether positive or negative, that our actions have on the people around us.

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