Build Your Own Online Commission Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online commission business. Why then do affiliate marketers struggle to make commissions online even when they generate enough targeted traffic?

The reality is, how you funnel traffic through your business system ultimately determines whether or not you will generate any real commissions. So it’s essential that you regard your online business as a high-value sales generating system.

5 Steps To Building Building Your Own Online Commission Business

1. Understand Your Market

To be a player in any market, you must know exactly what buyers in that market respond to. This is just as important as it is basic. However, it not uncommon for marketers to miss the mark totally.

Identify what value-rich product or service you want to sell, who you want to sell it to and how to promote it. Proper market research always pays off, especially if you are going to sell on the internet. 

2. Identify, Join And Focus On Your Core Programs

Online Commission Business

I believe the biggest cause of online business failure is lack of focus. The internet is awash with shiny things and people who hype them up. But you don’t need to be involved with everything that promises a buck.

That’s why I built I realized that I had only five core programs which contributed the most to my business. Each of them forms an essential part of my marketing system.

I use LeadsLeap to create and host the squeeze pages that I promote them all on traffic exchanges, safelists and other ad sites.

You should do the same to squeeze maximum value from your efforts. Start applying Pareto’s 80/20 rule to your business and focus on the products or programs that are achieving best results. You can only do that if you know what your best programs are and how they work together.

3. Pick The Tools Most Suited To Your Online Commission Business

Choosing the right tools helps you manage all the parts of your system efficiently. One common misconception is that web tools are all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The tools I use are both highly efficient and cost effective. For example, LeadsLeap combines an autoresponder with a squeeze page maker, list builder and ad tracker. You can literally create an automated online business with just this one tool!

4. Create Synergies To Build Your Online Commission Business

Do your programs co-relate in any way? Can they ‘play on the same team’, so to speak?

Build an online commission business with programs that mesh like cogs.

I discovered that having the right mix of programs helps me achieve my most important goals. Rather than let each biz op run independently of the rest, have them mesh with each other like cogs to achieve your goals.

For example, one of my Top 5 Programs is SFI, which I use to pull in targeted leads to my other programs. I also have other supporting programs which cater for my online advertising, blogging and list building goals. All of them are related in purpose, which makes it easy to cross-sell to the same leads I generate through SFI.

Have your programs working together like parts of a well-oiled machine and show your leads how they can benefit from such synergies.

5. Identify Your Critical Areas

As the saying goes, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. One of the things to note when you create synergy among your programs is that there will be interdependence. That means if things don’t flow properly you create bottlenecks, or worse still, a total collapse of the system.

Your job is therefore to identify areas where these potential bottlenecks or collapses may occur. Guard these areas jealously against anything that can induce such eventualities.

In my own business, I make sure my autoresponder system is working all the time. That is, the squeeze pages, lead capture forms, thank you pages and all related links. I identified this as one of the critical area of my business which, if not functioning, quickly causes my opt-in and referral rates to plummet.

Create Your Own Online Commission Business – Or Copy Mine!

Creating such a system is easier than you could imagine. Anyone can reproduce one without too much effort.

Join my Top 5 Programs today and I can help you duplicate the exact system I use to generate sales online, including all the tools you need to get it into action.

David Hurley


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