WealthyAffiliate AI Training Classes For Internet Marketers

I thought I knew enough about how to use AI to create Internet marketing content until I saw this Marketing and Sales in the AI Era training course by Wealthy Affiliate trainer, Jay Neill.

Jay’s AI business training module will take your AI business skills to another level, and it’s just ONE class in a whole series of AI and other Internet Marketing classes you can access with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.

Video Review of Wealthy Affiliate’s AI Training Class:

Video Transcript

Hello folks, David of Top Five Programs here, talking to you on Wednesday the 26th of July 2023. I’m going to talk to you today about what I’ve been doing with the Wealthy Affiliate program, which is one of my Top five Programs for 2023 and has been [in the top 5] for several years now.

You can see here I’ve just been looking at this article I published on top5programs.com back in December 2017 about how to use Wealthy Affiliate in your business. Wealthy Affiliate has developed a lot since then, but pretty much everything I say in this article is still valid today.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Training and Classrooms

What I want to talk about, in particular, is the online training and the classrooms. I just logged into the Wealthy Affiliate back office, and we can see that there’s a whole bunch of classes. For premium members, you get one new class a week, and here they are:

AI Training Classes For Internet Marketers

Now, there’s been a series of classes on how to use AI in your business, and they’ve proved very useful. I’m already quite familiar with AI, but this week I have been going through this class here, “Marketing and Sales in the AI Era,” which is for anybody who has a premium or higher upgrade in Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re not familiar with working with AI, this class shows you how to work with AI to boost your productivity, get new ideas, and plan out the skeleton of your articles.

It’s always good for you to write your own content or, at the very least, to edit and make more personal the content that AI gives you. And if you are in Wealthy Affiliate, this is the kind of information you can get. So, marketing and sales in the AI era, I’ve been through this lesson, and I thought I knew pretty much how to use AI, but after studying this lesson, I found new ways to optimize AI to increase my article writing and research productivity – things I hadn’t thought of myself.

This is one of the key attractions, I think, of Wealthy Affiliate. And there’s a whole bunch more, which is the training you get to really improve your skills as an internet marketer. So, I just wanted to point you to that. If AI is something you want to look into, then at the very least, you could join Wealthy Affiliate, upgrade for a month, and then you can make your own decision about whether to stay with Wealthy Affiliate or not.

I’m not going to sell you on it now, though. As you can see from the article I posted in 2017, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over six years now. I think I joined in 2015 or 2016, [I joined WA in October 2015] and it’s been one of my Top 5 Programs ever since. It’s a site that I host all of my WordPress blogs on, completely secure. I’ve got full faith in this site as an excellent hosting and online business training platform.

Okay, folks, that’s all for me for now. David Hurley of top5programs.com, until the next exciting online business video.

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