Time To Celebrate My 100th Sale of The Click Engine!

Yup, Jeff Aman’s buyer-traffic deliver service, The Click Engine has delivered its 100th new customer. That is in addition to hundreds of recurring sales and dozens of upsells. Not only that, but Jeff has sent me a total of $250 in bonus payments straight into my Paypal account over the last 15 months. (He offers a $25 bonus per ten sales.)

Not bad for a “micro-continuity offer” that costs less than five bucks a month to run.

Guys, there’s a reason why I recommend you place The Click Engine close to the top of your sales funnel – IT WORKS! That’s also why it has established itself as one of my Top 5 Programs since early 2022.

Check the video to see my sales records and let me know if you use The Click Engine in the comments.

Video Transcript

Oh, cheers everybody! David Hurley of Top5Programs here. I’m just celebrating a very nice milestone that I hit just recently with The Click Engine, one of my “top five programs.”

I just had my 100th sale. That is, my 100th new customer coming in. I’m not talking about recurring sales, and I’m not talking about upsells because I’ve had many, many of those. [Scrolls through the sales records.] So you can see we have many, many recurring sales.

The Click Engine Is “Sticky”

The Click Engine is what I would call a “sticky” affiliate program because it has a good product at a good price point. Most people like what they get and they stick with it. And it’s also a very easy program for people to sell because of the low price point. And the 50% commissions also make it a very attractive offer.

So a lot of people stick with The Click Engine for the product, for the low price point, and for the affiliate program.

So here we can see my recurring sales in yellow, my upsells (extra sales of other stuff) in white, and my new customers coming in to buy the basic product, the Click Engine itself, in green.

$25 Bonus Paypal Payments

And we can see that I hit my 100th customer. And as soon as I did that, I sent Jeff a message saying that I believe I got my 100th Click Engine sale yesterday, the 11th of May. Jeff said, “I just sent over the bonus payment.” That is my 10th $25 bonus payment.

So it’s, um, over the course of this last year and four months, I’ve received $250 in bonus payments from Jeff Aman for selling The Click Engine. Every 10th sale, a $25 bonus. What that does, in effect, is double up your affiliate commissions on your first sales because you earn about $2.50 [actually, $2.31] on the product. And now you’re getting an extra $2.50 per customer every 10 customers with this $25 bonus payment.

So thank you very much, Jeff, for that. I am going – obviously – to keep on selling The Click Engine. It continues to be a good product at a nice low price point. Cheers to me! And here’s to the next 100 Click Engine sales. Ah!

David Hurley


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  1. Wow that is awesome I use the click engine daily for promotion of my Worldprofit business and get lots of hits Guess I need to learn your system and start promoting the Click Engine 😀

  2. Congratulations to you and much continued success. I recently subbed to your content on YouTube and saw your content also on safelists. Good job and a great example of sticking with it.

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