What Are My Top 5 Programs For 2023?

There is only one change to my Top 5 Programs for 2023,

Here’s a video I made to explain the changes to Top5Programs.com in 2023:

What’s In?

The program that I’m bringing in for 2023 is Traffic Zipper by Frank Bauer.

Traffic Zipper completely automates the process of sending out safelist emails to twenty of the top-rated safelist mailers. Click here to find out more about Traffic Zipper.

What’s Out?

The program I have swapped out is Listnerds. I will continue working with Listnerds to promote my content to the Hive blockchain community. From now on, I will publish any blog posts about Listnerds on DavidHurley.net where I focus more on crypto-currency projects.

Why Did I Make The Change?

I started testing Traffic Zipper at the beginning of the year and it greatly improved my marketing efficiency and results. No matter how busy I am, Traffic Zipper keeps on working for me. The result is that instead of getting just one or two new subscribers to my list every day, I regularly get a dozen or more opting in, with zero effort on my part.

Now, perhaps for the first time ever, all five programs work well together in the online business tools niche, and there is now a logical progression that can be built into the marketing funnel:

  1. LeadsLeap – An autoresponder and suite of advertising and promotional tools…
  2. Prosperity Marketing System – A funded proposal close to the top of the funnel…
  3. The Click Engine – A cheap source of buyer leads on the front end and an easy way to generate recurring affiliate commissions.
  4. Wealthy Affiliate – Premium WordPress hosting and business blogging training…
  5. Traffic Zipper – A powerful safelist marketing automation tool you can use to get more subscribers into your marketing funnel every single day.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2023.


David Hurley

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