TrafficZipper Review: How Good Is Traffic Zipper for Free Members?

TrafficZipper is a website that puts your safelist mailings on 100% autopilot. Based on my experience with TrafficZipper in 2023, I highly recommend the Elite upgrade, especially if you are busy with other stuff and don’t have much time to do your own safelist mailing.

But what if you can’t afford any of the paid options?

In this video I look at the free version of TrafficZipper and find that it still offers an excellent service by automating your mailings on two safelists while still offering a generous 30% commission if you promote the program:

Early in 2023 I subscribed to the M3 Insiders Circle package which gave me a one year Elite membership of Traffic Zipper. I posted a review of my early results with TrafficZipper because the service was nothing short of exceptional, particularly in its ability to handle my safelist emails autonomously while I was occupied with my offline work as a college teacher.

However, upon the expiration of my one-year subscription, I found myself downgraded to a free membership—a shift that prompted me to explore the value proposition of Traffic Zipper’s different membership tiers.

As a free member, I discovered that Traffic Zipper still offers substantial benefits, making it a worthwhile consideration even without a paid subscription. Let me break down the differences between the various membership levels and highlight what you can expect as a free member.

Free Membership: As a free member, you can plug two safelists into TrafficZipper and have the system automatically send your emails out to them.

Additionally, free members earn a generous 30% commission on affiliate sales giving you a realistic possibility of earning your way to an upgrade in the future.

Starter Membership: For those ready and willing to invest a little, the Starter membership, priced at $17 per month or $67 for six months, doubles the number of safelists available for automation to four.

The commission rate remains unchanged at 30%.

Pro Membership: I think this is a good option to aim for. Pro members can plug up to ten safelists into the system, providing greater reach and potential for engagement and list-building.

The commission rate is 30% at this level too.

Elite Membership: The top tier membership unlocks the full potential of TrafficZipper. Elite members can automate their emails across every safelist in the system, maximizing their outreach efforts. I just checked and there are currently 39 safelists integrated into TrafficZipper and they are all well respected websites, with no junk sites mixed in.

Elite membership costs $37 per month or $147 every six months, and the benefits justify the investment for serious marketers. It is a little over twice the price of the Pro option, but you can automate your mailings to almost 4x the number of safelists, and more safelists will be added to the system in the future.

Also, Elite members earn 40% commission on sales so it does not take many sales to turn things around and get all the Elite benefits for free or even find yourself in profit.

M3 Inner Circle: Although “Elite” is the highest membership level inside TrafficZipper, there is one more option that takes things to the next level, and that is the M3 Inner Circle. The M3 Inner Circle is not available directly on TrafficZipper because it is a special package inside M3 Inner Circle bundles up several sites including TrafficZipper, and gives you top-level upgrades in them all for a single, heavily discounted, monthly or yearly subscription. It was this M3 Inner Circle package that I bought back in January 2023 and it was a game-changer for my safelist marketing and list-building efforts.

Comparing My Results As A “Free” and “Elite” TrafficZipper Member

Now, you might wonder, why consider Traffic Zipper as a free member when upgraded options offer enhanced features? Well, even as a free member, Traffic Zipper provides significant value, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Let me illustrate this with a comparison of email sending statistics.

During my time as an Elite member in 2023, TrafficZipper automatically sent out safelist mailings to multiple safelists every day. However, upon dropping back down to a free membership in 2024, the frequency of mailings reduced to every other day, and TrafficZipper only sends mailings out to two safelists. Despite this, the free membership still ensures a steady stream of traffic and clicks, though at a much reduced rate.

Even with fewer mailings, the clicks generated from safelist campaigns enable me to get a consistent flow of clicks and potential leads without any active involvement on my part.

In essence, Traffic Zipper offers a pathway to automation and outreach, even for those unable to invest in premium memberships. By strategically selecting safelists and leveraging the platform’s capabilities, free members can still enjoy a degree of automation in their marketing efforts.

In conclusion, Traffic Zipper remains a valuable asset in the arsenal of online marketers, irrespective of membership level. Whether you opt for a free membership or invest in an upgrade, TrafficZipper’s automation capabilities make it a compelling choice for those seeking to expand their online presence.

So, if you’re wondering whether Traffic Zipper is worth your time and consideration, rest assured it offers great value, even for free members.

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