“Get More Sales” Marketing Funnel

The Get More Sales Marketing Funnel is designed to make it much easier for you to get affiliate sales on the front end and the back end. It is built on two of my recommended “Top 5 Programs,” Leadsleap and the Prosperity Marketing System.

The funnel begins with a compelling Lead Capture Page built and hosted on Leadsleap. Those who opt in to the mailing list are directed to a Bridge Page where they learn about some of the key programs inside the funnel. Meanwhile, the Leadsleap Sendsteed autoresponder sends them follow-up emails for the next few days promoting the benefits of using the Get More Sales Marketing Funnel.

You can clone the marketing funnel when you join the Prosperity Marketing System through my affiliate link and upgrading to “Student” ($12 a month, with 100% commissions) and requesting the “Get More Sales sharecodes.”

Once everything is set up, you will be primed to collect front and and backend sales and to earn recurring commissions simply by promoting your rebranded version of the Get More Sales lead capture page.

Sound good? Click the orange button and opt in the the Get More Sales marketing funnel to find out more!

“Get More Sales” Walkthrough Video

This walkthrough video shows you the funnel flow from the lead capture page to the bridge page, the email follow up, the clone page and the back end sales strategy: