How To Create A Unique Selling Proposition For Your Affiliate Business

If you know how to create a unique selling proposition you can boost sales no matter what you’re promoting.

how to create a unique selling proposition
Rosser Reeves 1960s classic on how to create a unique selling proposition is still relevant today.

What Is A Unique Selling Proposition?

A unique selling proposition is an “offer” that makes your business stand out from the pack. It is what makes the product you are selling special, or different, from those of your competitors.

The idea was developed by Rosser Reeves in his book Reality In Advertising back in the early 1960s.

It may be over 50 years old, but the book is still relevant today. Reeves explains that a USP must do three things.

  • It must offer the prospect a specific benefit.
  • It must offer something that nobody else offers.
  • It must be strong enough to induce people to buy the product.

How To Create A Unique Selling Proposition As An Affiliate Marketer

The most profitable affiliate marketing products can attract hundreds or thousands of affiliate marketers. For example, my top 5 Internet marketing programs all have hundreds and thousands of affiliate marketers.

In the Internet marketing business niche competition is notoriously fierce. Simply putting up a website with a product sales page is not enough in this market.

A lot of affiliate marketers struggle to sell even when they make a big effort to promote. That’s because most affiliate marketers do not do enough to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Most people do not buy the first time they see an offer. That means someone who sees an offer on your website for the first time probably won’t buy it then. And when they do decide to buy it, there are so many sellers that they might buy it somewhere else.

That is why you need to learn how to create a unique selling proposition. Your unique selling proposition  should be strong enough to do one of two things:

  • Either is should cause your prospects to buy immediately.
  • Or it should draw people back to your sales page when they are ready to buy.

Let’s look at some ways to create a unique selling proposition for your affiliate products and programs.

1. Price

Price propositions include discounts, time-limited low price offers, buy-one-get-one-free offers, partial cash refunds and so on.

If you are operating in a competitive market it may be difficult to find a unique price-based proposition. That is especially true for affiliate marketers who are offering products with prices that are usually set by the business owner.

However, some affiliate programs do include the option for affiliates to offer prospective referrals incentives to join their team.

2. Free gifts and bonuses

Try to find something unique to offer as a free bonus or add-on gift or service that has not been tried before. If you are selling a product, perhaps you could write an instruction manual or guidebook, or create a video training series and offer it as a freebie to your customers or referrals.

3. Customer Care

Many affiliate marketers offer nothing in the way of after sales support. Perhaps you could find a unique opportunity by offering this sort of service to your prospects before they buy the product.

Great customer care is also likely to result in more repeat sales for your business as it is an excellent way to build trust.

4. Referral Rewards and Competitions

One thing you can do is offer your customers rewards in the form of free products each time they introduce a new customer to your business. There are many people out there who don’t want to sell, but who would be happy to refer customers in exchange for free goodies.

Another approach is to set up a competition and give away some nice prizes each month. A well-designed competition can be an excellent tool to pull in new customers and keep your established customer base coming back for more.

I especially recommend competitions as a Unique Selling Proposition to network marketers who want to build an active downline. It is one of my main strategies for building my downline in my primary affiliate business, SFI. (To see what I offer, check out my SFI competition page.)

5. Features and Benefits

Okay, so you are selling the same products as thousands of other competitors. But what if you were willing to add something extra?

For example, if you are selling web hosting, why not offer to set up a basic website for your customers? This would provide your business with an extra specific benefit that is not being offered elsewhere.

6. You Are Your Own Unique Selling Proposition

On the Internet, personal branding is becoming increasingly important. People like to know who they are dealing with and will appreciate personal service that goes the extra mile.

So if you struggle to find a unique selling proposition for your affiliate marketing products you need to shift your focus. Instead, think about how to create a unique selling proposition around your personal brand.

Learning how to create a unique selling proposition for your affiliate marketing venture may seem challenging at first. However, it is well worth the effort as it will enable YOU to stand out from the competition. The key question you should always ask yourself when offering products and services is,

Why should people buy from ME?

To help you dig into this crucial topic in more detail, watch Wealthy Affiliate’s one-hour (premium) video training session, Creating A Unique Selling Proposition

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