Wealthy Affiliate Launches AI Writing Assistant For Bloggers

In December 2023, Wealthy Affiliate unveiled a game-changing tool to their Premium Plus+ members: the AI Author platform. This isn’t just a new feature, it’s a full-scale content creation revolution that’s reinventing how bloggers build their online presence.

After its introduction, it quickly became clear that this tool was more than just a time-saver. Users within the Premium Plus+ community were thrilled with the efficiency and speed gains, turning what used to be days of work into mere minutes. I’ve seen firsthand the buzz it’s creating, with members excitedly discussing how their content creation process has transformed.

But the development team at Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t content to rest on their laurels. Busy as bees, they’ve been refining the AI Author, ironing out any kinks to ensure the platform isn’t just good, but exceptional. And guess what? The news just got better.

AI Author Now Available To The Whole WA Membership!

All the polishing has led to this moment: Wealthy Affiliate is rolling out the red carpet for their entire membership base:

  • Premium Plus+ members get whopping 15,000 Word Credits every month. Premium Plus+ members’ ability to roll out extensive, in-depth content just got a serious time-saving boost.
  • Premium members now have access to 7,000 Word Credits monthly – that’s enough firepower for up to SEVEN 1,000-word articles.

Two Styles Of Blogger

When you select AI Author to write an article for you, you are currently offered a choice of two different styles, “Professional Copywriter” or “Conversational Blogger.”

The “professional” option will create a “straightforward and no-nonsense” article for you, while the “conversational” option will be, well, more conversational and chatty, or more informal in style. I expect a greater range of “voices” will be added fairly soon, but these two will provide you with plenty of good quality articles to modify to suit your specific needs.

Use AI To Assist You, Not To Replace You

This platform is primed to help you pump out high quality niche content rapidly, but let’s be clear – this isn’t about letting AI take the reins entirely. Blogging is an art, and you’ll still be the artist, seamlessly adding the finishing touches, be it refinements, enhancements, or that critical personal voice to your work.

Imagine the possibilities: an article that once took days to draft, can now be shaped within minutes. Throw in an extra 15-30 minutes for polishing, and voilà, you have high-quality, engaging content ready to go live.

Maximizing Content Creation With AI: What’s The Catch?

If you are a free Starter member, your Word Credits are a one-time-only free gift that you will need to use in your first month of membership.

For Premium Plus+ and Premium members, you receive a fresh batch of Word Credits every month, BUT your previous month’s credits do not roll over! So use them or lose them!

What Is Your AI-Assisted Content Creation Strategy?

Your approach to utilizing these credits can shape the trajectory of your business. Dedicate them to developing cornerstone content that stands out or sprinkle them across various posts to maintain a steady stream of fresh material.

For those with grand plans but too many items on their to-do list, you’re not shackled to your monthly allotment of Word Credits. You can always bolster your stockpile by purchasing extra credits. This gives you the flexibility to scale up your content production as your ambitions grow.

Think of your AI Word Credits as your currency for content creation. Imagine you’ve got a compelling idea for a post, but the clock is ticking. With AI Word Credits, your brilliant idea can progress from concept to publication at a speed that matches your enthusiasm. Just don’t forget that the content will still require your unique personal touch. Wealthy Affiliate’s AI writing assistant will grind out a good quality article in no time, but it’s up to you to refine, personalize, and polish.

Embrace the AI-Assisted Future with Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion, the road ahead for bloggers and online entrepreneurs is ripe with opportunity, and Wealthy Affiliate’s AI Author is leading the charge. With new features on the horizon and a community eagerly awaiting even more enhancements, we’re all part of an amazing revolution in online content creation.

With the backing of Wealthy Affiliate’s AI technology, your blog now has the potential to become an industry leader. This isn’t just about churning out content; it’s about crafting stories that resonate, providing information that empowers, and creating connections that last. The additional features that will be rolled out in February and March 2024 are set to propel Wealthy Affiliiate’s AI content-creation revolution even further forward.

Looking back at the online landscape a few years ago, the transformation is staggering. The shift toward AI-assisted content creation represents a fundamental shift in how we approach online business. And Wealthy Affiliate? They’re providing a seat at the table for everyone willing to adapt to the new technology.

If you have any questions or need a bit of guidance as you start exploring the potential of AI content creation, don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply post your queries or experiences in the comments below. And if you the idea of AI assisted business blogging excites you, join Wealthy Affiliate for free and grab your free 1,500 AI Word Credits. Give it a try, and let’s learn and grow together.


David Hurley


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David is a business blogger who started his first website back in 1997 and has been running an online business since 2000. He uses the concept of Top 5 Programs to build multiple online income streams without losing focus. David recommends Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to build a profitable online business. Read more about David on his About page.


  1. Hi David, I love this post because I can also attest to how amazing this program is!! The AI creative writing tool that is now available at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. It truly will make it even easier for the new people just starting out not knowing how to start a blog, length, etc. And for those of us who have had to do it that way, at least no more writer’s block!

    This is just another reason of many why wealthy affiliate is the most user-friendly platform out there!

    • Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for responding to my post. It’s always good to hear what other WA members think of the program. I think you’ve made an important point about how beginner bloggers will get a big helping hand with the AI writing tool, as well as the training which teaches the best way to work with AI to craft article outlines and content segments, while we edit and add our own perspective. Getting AI to generate ideas and outlines is a great way to eliminate writer’s block.

  2. Hello David, 

    I love the key point that emphasises the notion that AI should assist, not replace, bloggers. Blogging is described as an art and the AI Author tool is positioned as a means to enhance the creative process, allowing bloggers to add the finishing touches and personal voice. 

    This is certainly something that really interests me as it will help me create posts quicker and more effectively. I will have a great helper to assist is the creation of content. I will just put my personality in to make it authentically mine. This is so exciting and a big game changer. 

    • I actually think that the personal voice will come to be more highly prized as AI becomes more dominant. We will need human intelligence to harness AI so that our unique voice comes through, and Wealthy Affiliate gives us the training and the tools to get the balance right.

  3. I am afraid of AI, I must admit. Because I’ve always thought that it encourages laziness for the content creators. But maybe I’ll change my mind. Indeed, I used AI to conceive a plan for my articles. And I realized that I could write articles of nearly 3000 words; when I always wrote around 1200-1400 words. It’s really amazing! But I’ll try the AI Writing Assistant to see how it’s going!

    • As with other technologies, there’s a lazy way to use AI and an intelligent way to use it! Wealth Affiliate trains bloggers to use AI intelligently and supplies the technology to help them to apply the training. By all means try the AI Writing Assistant. It is a game changer.

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