Prosperity Marketing System Review

I recently added the Prosperity Marketing System to my Top 5 Programs list and am actively working with it to build my online business. So this Prosperity Marketing System review is not neutral or unbiased, and the links to PMS are my affiliate links.

If you prefer watching or listening to videos, here’s my Prosperity Marketing System review in video format:

1st Experience With PMS

Actually, this is the second time I have actively worked with the Prosperity Marketing System. The first time was shortly after it was launched, back in 2009 by Darren Ollander, who continues to own the program to this day.

In those days I used to struggle to generate any affiliate commissions at all as I was still learning the ropes. The Prosperity Marketing System was like a breath of fresh air.

For a start, PMS was a professionally designed marketing funnel that gave you a lot of control over what you could promote. Darren Ollander provided professional-looking landing pages and an easy-to-use editor so you could create your own splash pages and squeeze pages.

The Prosperity Marketing System also had an excellent basic training lessons to help members learn how to promote their online business.

When I started to promote the Prosperity Marketing System I actually had people opting in to my mailing list, signing up to the program and then to the programs I was promoting on the inside of the system. Wow! That was a new experience for me in those early days!

Also, a good proportion of my referrals upgraded, earning me some nice commission payments, which kept me enthusiastic enough to keep on promoting the system.


I was so happy with the system that I wrote the testimonial that Darren has kept on the squeeze page ever since:

Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) is the most effective and most flexible downline building tool I have ever used. I can plug in MY programs and REMOVE any program I don’t want to promote. Also, I get a regular flow of cash from the FRONT END, so I make money with PMS whether people join my programs or not. The training courses are very clear and comprehensive so it is an excellent service whichever way you look at it – and PMS was the first “Plug In” program that worked for me.

My testimonial on the Prosperity Marketing System landing page. (I still stick by it.)

Changes to the System

I endorse that testimonial today too, but there was a period of a few years during which I stopped working with the Prosperity Marketing System. That was mainly because the compensation plan changed to a pass up system with a hike in the monthly fee. I felt pretty strongly about it at the time and I wrote this blog post (originally published on a previous blog of mine) to vent my feelings about it. LOL!

I Return to the Prosperity Marketing System!

A few months ago I logged in to my old Prosperity Marketing System back office and discovered that several changes had been made.

For one thing, the pricing structure was much more friendly. Today, it only costs $12 a month to upgrade and gain access to all the goodies that the system offers.

Also, if you want to change the primary business to one of your own choice, you pay a one-time fee of $97. As I have discovered, you can change your primary business as often as you like without having to pay $97 each time.

100% Commissions Paid Via Bitcoin

The Prosperity Marketing System now has an excellent compensation plan too. Okay, so you still have to pass up your second and fourth referral, but after that, you will get to keep all of your referrals. And if you build an active team, you could also start receiving 2nd and 4th referrals as they are passed up from below.

But what is really excellent is the 100% commission structure! You earn 100% (minus a nominal transaction fee) of the $12 recurring payments on Student upgrades, AND you earn 100% of the $97 payments too.

I also like the new option to receive commissions via Bitcoin. I plugged in my Bitcoin wallet address and have already received several payments from my upgraded Student level referrals. Here’s a screenshot of my results so far:

My referrals since re-joining in November 2019.
One of my upgraded “Students” has already referred 6 people.

Contact Everybody In Your Downline

Another cool feature of the Prosperity Marketing System is the downline mailer. Once every three days you can send an email to everybody in your downline through infinite levels.

As you can see in the screenshot in the previous section, one of my upgraded “Student” referrals has already referred six people into his downline. Any time I email my downline, those six people will also receive my email. That’s potentially very powerful. You can leverage your downline’s activity to greatly expand your marketing reach.

What’s on the Inside?

Check out my Prosperity Marketing System Review video to see in detail what the members’ area is like and what you can do with it. The system is very flexible and can be edited and modified to suit your business needs.

For example, Student members, who pay $12 per month, can:

  • Earn 100% residual and one-time commissions.
  • Access the training lessons.
  • Integrate any autoresponder.
  • Integrate any tracking service.
  • Customize the system by adding or removing up to 15 programs.
  • Promote the same primary company as their sponsor.

Members who buy the one-time $97 Owner Add On get all of the “Student” level benefits, and in addition:

  • Edit any training pages and add your own content.
  • Create your own training pages, which will be seen by your whole downline through unlimited levels.
  • Change your Primary Business to any company or program you like as often as you want.
  • Replace the Autoresponder and Ad Tracking programs with your choice of tracker or autoresponder.

In short, by becoming an “Owner” you cut out all the hassle of building your own system from scratch. You instantly have at your disposal a versatile system that has proven itself very effective in converting visitors into subscribers, buyers and referrals. It’s a great way to get on the fast track to building multiple streams of online income.

If you have any comments or questions about the Prosperity Marketing System, feel free to post a comment. Please also take a moment to share it on your favourite social networks if you have found this Prosperity Marketing System Review helpful.


David Hurley


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  1. Awesome and I like how you share your pass event with the company and your current events
    With them now it shows the company has value and care for there customers.

  2. So hello i really enjoyed watching and learning with your video’s, i am definitely considering purchasing your product but i have a question for u so once i pay the 12.00 dollars can i just stay with promoting for my sponsor and continue making commissions off of that or do i have to pay the 97.00 dollars? So before i go ahead and purchase that’s what i need to know is if i HAVE to pay the 97.00 dollars or not?So please get back to me and thank u !

    • Hi Sherri,

      Thank you for the positive feedback! Appreciated.

      You do not have to pay the $97 upgrade at any time. It is an optional upgrade. If you are happy with your sponsor’s recommended programs there is no need to buy the $97 owners upgrade. Just insert your affiliate links and promote your PMS link.

  3. David,
    The video was a nice addition to your presentation of the Prosperity Marketing System.  While listening to the video I was amazed at this approach to affiliate marketing.  PMS compensation and promotion appears similar to a
    MLM.  A good MLM can be very lucrative. 
    It appears that I could promote other affiliate programs through my PMS site and receive commissions as well as promoting other products of my choice like those on Amazon, etc.  I that correct?  Or is it just to promote PMS.
    I will probably have to review this post several times to comprehend.  

    I also took time to read your Bitcoin post.  Mind Capital also seems to be a good investment choice.

    This has been very interesting and piquing my interest.  I will be back to read your other post to gain more insight.

  4. Hey there,

    Thanks for this wonderful golden opportunity, this seems to be a great way to earn money.I really enjoyed coming to understand the prosperity marketing system and the articlevwas well informative and well written. But the question is for me is to understand how to imply that for my self. How can i use it for myself to earn revenue? 

  5. Dear David
    This is such a fantastic digital marketing model!
    I went through your video as well as read about the details you have written, I think this is highly complimentary to what I have been trying to do since June last year.

    I have been searching the net for ways to start a digital business without falling for any scams and I ended up joining a few websites in that process myself, I wish I had come across your blog before I went and joined those places.

    I have a quick question for you though –
    If I join PMS as your downline, will I need to pay $97 to promote my affiliate links?
    I can see that you also promote Wealthy Affiliate, now if I also wanted to use PMS to promote my WA link, will I need to buy my own Primary Business?

    Once again, thank you for sharing this review, this was very useful for me.

    • Hi Venya,

      Thank you for taking the time to read, view and comment on my PMS review. 

      To answer your question, as Wealthy Affiliate is one of the programs I promote inside the Prosperity Marketing System, you would not need to purchase the $97 Owner upgrade, just the monthly $12 Student. You will then be able to insert your WA and other affiliate links. 

      All the best,


  6. David,

    Thanks for sharing. This is actually the first I have heard of this and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.  So PMS is essentially a platform or tool with expert marketing funnel that you can use to sell anything?  Affiliate items or your own products if you have them?

    • Yes, the Prosperity Marketing System is a marketing funnel mainly for online affiliate marketers.

      A marketing funnel is a tool that helps you grow your business in an orderly way, first by adding subscribers to your mailing list, then by offering them the $12 upgrade (front end product) and a series of tools to promote their own business. Finally, it introduces your primary business to your subscribers.

      Your “primary business” could be your own product or service (ideally with an affiliate program so your subscribers can also promote your product and earn commissions), but most likely it will be some kind of affiliate program.

      • David – Thanks for the response – let me recap to make sure I understand.

        So essentially you primary target is using the tool personally and then getting other affiliate marketers to use it – which allows you to effectively collect and market to an email list you build with the program and then as a secondary part your primary services can marketed through this network via an affiliate with your product or services. Since they each have their own lists it allows cross selling so to speak.

        Am I understanding that correctly?

  7. Thank you for the complete review of the Prosperity Marketing System. I am very happy to read the review that you made. Because you provide an overview of this program. And that makes me interested in trying this program. Apart from programs that looks “legit”, I think the membership fee to join is also not expensive (only 12 $). I think this is a pretty cheap price, considering that 12 $ can change my life.

    By the way, from the membership screenshot you attached, what’s the difference between student and tour takers?

    • Hi Kylie,

      Thank you for reading the review and posting a comment. Tour takers are referrals who have not bought the $12 subscription. Students are referrals who have bought the $12 subscription. Tour takers can promote the system “as is” without making any changes to it. Students can insert their own affiliate links and also change some of the programs.

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