My Second Leadsleap Commission Breakthrough In 11 Months!

I was excited to see that I had hit $2,000 in Leadsleap affiliate commissions this morning!

To put that in perspective, I joined Leadsleap shortly after it was launched way way back in 2008, just a year after I first dipped my toe into the online affiliate marketing world…

Sendsteed Autoresponder Doubles The Value – For No Extra Cost!

I can’t remember when I finally got around to upgrading, but once I did I never looked back. The program was great value for money several years before Kenneth Koh added the Sendsteed autoresponder (for no extra cost to upgraded members).

When Sendsteed was launched I was able to ditch the less-than-satisfactory (Trafficwave) autoresponder and save myself $17.95 a month!

It was around then that I started to promote Leadsleap as one of my “Top 5 Programs” and the affiliate commissions began to trickle in.

The Long Road To My First $1k!

All told, it took 14 years for me to make my first $1,000 in affiliate commissions. I blogged about it here:

The Second $1k Came A Bit Faster!

Then, eleven months later – to the day – my Leadsleap commissions hit $2,000.

  • It took 14 years to hit my first $1,000 in Leadsleap commissions.
  • It took 11 months to hit my second $1,000 in Leadsleap commissions.

As you take your online business more seriously, momentum begins to build! The question is…

How long will it take me to earn my next $1,000 in Leadsleap commissions?

My $2K Celebration Video

Leadsleap Is An Evergreen Program

Leadsleap is an excellent example of an “evergreen” program. It offers essential online marketing services (such as the Sendsteed autoresponder) for a reasonable monthly fee, and so people tend to stick around after they upgrade.

Premium members earn 50% recurring commissions (free members earn 25%) so you only need to refer two premium members to break even each month, and three puts you into profit.

I love Leadsleap – it is one of my most essential marketing tools, and I recommend it with confidence to anybody else who is serious about building and promoting an online business.

If you don’t yet have an account but do want to grow a viable online business, get started for free here:


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