Listnerds Review: Blockchain Based Mailer Achieves Amazing Click Through Rates

Shortly after the relaunch of the safelist mailer,, on the Hive blockchain, in January 2022, I decided to make it one of my “Top 5 Programs” for the year. If you watch this Listnerds review video you will see why I am so impressed with the new blockchain-based Listnerds safelist:

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CTR, Tokens, Credits, Upvotes & Downvotes

In the video I have a look at:

  • the high clickthrough rates,
  • Listnerd and CTP crypto tokens,
  • how to earn mailing credits
  • upvotes and downvotes.

Check Out These Click Through Rates (CTR)

The “Click Through Rate” shows you the percentage of “clickthroughs” you are getting compared to the number of emails opened in a single mail shot. In other words, it shows you how many of the people who opened your email clicked the link inside the email that sends them to the landing page you want them to visit.

As you can see from my results in the screenshot below, the CTR I am getting from the Listnerds safelist is very high indeed.

Listnerds Delivers High CTRs Across The Board

It is not just me who had been getting such high CTRs from my Listnerds mails. So far, everybody who has tried it and blogged about their results has experienced something similar, or even better.

Listnerds has not only achieved very high clickthrough rates for its active members, it has also helped to raise levels of engagement for content creators on Hive blockchain-based blogs such as CTP Chat and PeakD.

That’s because, starting with @achim03, Hivers quickly realized that there was a lot of value to be had in using Listnerds to funnel people through to their content on various front-ends, notably Peakd and CTPChat, but also LeoFinance.

As people on those platforms begin to notice the increased engagement levels (and especially as a lot of Listnerders “pay their penny” by posting in the comments that they arrived on the blog post via the blogger’s Listnerds mail) they too will want to get some of the action and use Listnerds to drive traffic to their own content.

Listnerds: A Gateway To Hive

On the other hand, there are thousands of Listnerds users who are only vaguely aware of Hive, if at all, and beyond them lie the myriads of safelist users who have not yet tried to get noticed on Listnerds…

As word gets out about the clickthrough rates that Listnerds is achieving, I would expect many of those people to want a piece of the action…

If you haven’t yet dipped your toe into Listnerds, here’s my affiliate link if you’d like to give it a go:

And here is an excellent infographic by @elianaicgomes that shows you what Listnerds is all about:

Thank you for the infographic, Eliana. 🙂


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