How A Thank-You Page Can Jazz Up Your Sales

Back in 2018 I launched my own traffic site and one of the best sources of referrals to my site was a “thank-you page.”

What Is A “Thank-You Page”?

It is the page that you are sent to after opting into a mailing list. It “thanks” you for joining the list and tells you to look out for an email with “XYZ” in the subject line.

And because most autoresponders are set up to redirect subscribers to standard “thank you pages” on autopilot, most list-builders overlook them.

That’s a pity because they are missing an ideal opportunity to engage with their new subscribers when they are open and receptive.

Think about it for a moment.

You visit a blog and like what you see. Next, you see an invitation to “join my mailing list” and you like the offer so you enter your name and email and click the “submit” button…

Until you click the button you do not know what is going to happen, but you are curious or interested enough to give it a try… 

when the “thank-you page” pops up you see that the mini-transaction has gone well. There is a tiny rush of happy chemicals to the brain.

David Hurley,

And when the “thank-you page” pops up you see that the mini-transaction has gone well. There is a tiny rush of happy chemicals to the brain.

Add A “Special Offer” To Your Thank-You Pages

Well, back in the last decade I had read (I forget where) that “thank-you pages” were “prime real estate” and I started experimenting with them.

In those days I used a now defunct site called “Adkreator” to create my opt-in pages and thank-you pages.

I started to add “special offers” to the bottom half of my thank-you pages. I used a tracking link so I could see if they were getting any response or not.

Anyway, long story short, I began to notice that people were clicking through and in some cases actually 
joined the program or bought the product I was offering!

(Back in those days I’d be AMAZED whenever anybody responded to one of my offers!)

But that experience put me in good stead when I launched my own site,, in 2018…

One way I promote my site is by placing an exclusive special offer on the thank-you page of the mailing list I was building.

The tracking code I use for referrals joining from my thank-you page is “SubTY”.

The screenshot is from my tracking stats page. You can see thank-you page referrals scattered down the list – and one of the two upgrades came from a referral who signed up from the thank you page.

A Thank-You Page Offer Gets Results!

In fact, LeadsLeap is the only site that beats my thank-you page in referring new members for me.

So if you haven’t been making good use of thank-you pages in your list building campaigns, now is the time to start!

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. If you don’t yet have an autoreponder, I recommend SendSteed by LeadsLeap. It is what I use for all my list management needs and I am very happy with it.

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