LeadsLeap Review: How To Surf For Credits and Profit Share

In this Leadsleap review I’ll show you how you can earn advertising credits and profit-share cash on one of the best low-budget advertising sites on the Internet: LeadsLeap.com

Both free and Pro members can earn credits and cash by clicking on ads and viewing them for at least five seconds. To qualify for the daily profit share you need to view ten ads per day. I show you how to do that in this video:

LeadsLeap Review Video: How To Surf For Credits & Profit Share

LeadsLeap Ad Credits and Profit Share

It is quite possible to click on ads all day and earn enough credits to cover the cost of Pro membership each month. (The current cost of Pro membership is $27.00.) However, I don’t recommend that you do that as there are more productive ways to spend your time.

Personally, I spend about five minutes clicking from ten to thirty ads each day. That earns me credits to keep my credit-based ad in circulation and also qualifies me for the profit share. I usually earn a few cents per day which adds up to a dollar or two per month. I view it as a nice way to subsidise the cost of Pro membership.

By the way, you can also earn cash by converting the credits you earn from viewing ads. You need to build up to 50 credits and then you’ll be able to convert them into cash.

However, I think it is better to use ad credits to keep your credit ads in circulation. Do not lose site of the main purpose of LeadsLeap, which is to promote your business. In my experience LeadsLeap is hands-down the best low cost advertising platform on the Internet, so it makes sense to use the advertising service to its maximum potential.

How Many Credits Can You Earn Per Ad View?

When you view an ad or a message from someone in your upline, you’ll earn 0.2 credits after the first 5 seconds. Then you’ll earn 0.02 credits for every 5 seconds of surfing, up to one minute.

But don’t imagine that you can simply open a page and leave it open for one minute to earn the full one minutes of credits. LeadsLeap tracks page activity and only counts what the trackers interpret as “real surfing duration,” (which is probably connected to cursor movement).

If you surf a page for the full minute (“real surfing duration”) you’ll earn 0.42 credits (60 seconds ÷ 5 = 12 increments. The first 5 second increment earns you 0.2 credits + (11 x 0.02 = 0.22) = 0.42 credits. However, you will actually earn more credits if you can surf 12 or more sites for just the first five seconds each: 12 x 0.2 = 2.4 credits.

Earn Credits by Rating the Sites You View

You can also earn 0.1 credit for each site you rate. After viewing an ad for five seconds, a little green “surfing” notice pops up to show you you’ve viewed the ad for five seconds. Now, by clicking on the star that matches your assessment of the site, you will earn 1.2 credits per minute for rating ads.

Add that to the 2.4 surfing credits and the total you can earn in a minute is 3.6 credits.

Other Ways to Earn Credits With LeadsLeap

There are two other ways to earn credits and profit-share. The earnings come from sending third party traffic to LeadsLeap ads. LeadsLeap shares 15% of third-party earnings.

Third party traffic profit share is put into a “weekly earnings” pot and divided up among all the people who sent third party traffic during that week.

The first way is to send third party traffic to LeadsLeap from your website. If you have a website you can post LeadsLeap’s Ad Widget on it. (Check the right column of this blog and you’ll see the LeadsLeap widget.) The LeadsLeap ad widget works a bit like Google ads, except that it earns me ad credits each of which will also generate a small amount of profit-share.

The second way is to send third party traffic to LeadsLeap by using their free tracking service. You can use the Real Tracker to track your ads on other advertising sites. There is an option to allow LeadsLeap syndicated ads to pop up after a number of seconds. When someone clicks on a Leadsleap ad, the credits earned will quality for the weekly profit share.

How Much Profit Share Can You Earn With LeadsLeap?

How much profit share you earn depends on several factors:

  • Whether you are a free or Pro member.
  • How many credits you earn viewing ads.
  • Total profit made by LeadsLeap during that day/week.
  • Number credits earned by other people who qualify for ad share.

What I can tell you, however, is that of those members who qualify for the profit share each day, free members earn 5% of the profit share and Pro members earn 10%. So LeadsLeap first calculates their profit for the day. Then they see how many credits were earned by members who surfed ten or more ads that day. Next they divide 5% of the profit by the number of credits and double the amount for pro members.

For example, if 5% of the profit delivers a 0.5 cent profit share and you are a free member who earned 5 credits that day (viewing more than ten ads), you will earn 2.5 cents as a free member, and double – or 5 cents as a pro member.

The weekly earnings is calculated separately. Interestingly, both free and Pro members earn 15% on credits earned from third party traffic.

4 Different Ways To Earn LeadsLeap Cash & Earning Rates
(Middle Column = Free; Right Column = Pro)

The Two Best Ways To Earn With LeadsLeap

Clearly, while it is nice to earn profit-share alongside ad credits, it is not going to make you rich. At best, it might cover your costs as a Pro member if you stick at it and earn about 67 cents per day!

A much better way to profit from LeadsLeap is to show other people the benefits of the program as an advertising site and earn recurring commissions when your referrals buy the Pro membership upgrade.

And probably the best way to earn from LeadsLeap is through the ads you post. LeadsLeap consistently out-performs all my other advertising sources, delivering a regular trickle of referrals. Also, a higher percentage of those referrals become paying customers than referrals from any other advertising site that I use.

So, to conclude this LeadsLeap review, take advantage of the profit-share by viewing at least ten ads a day for at least five seconds each. But don’t spend more than a few minutes a day on that activity. Instead, focus on using LeadsLeap to its maximum potential by upgrading to “Pro.” Make use of all ten pro ad spots (which get traffic automatically – no need to earn credits), and also post an ad in the Credit Ads section to attract traffic from the credits you earn viewing ads.

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  1. David, Watched your associated video challenge on trying to maximise credit earnings in a short timeframe, and a suggestion that might make it quicker … instead of returning to the ads listed on the surf ads page, of which you get 6 at a time and then have to refresh, try utlising the ads on the rating popup tab, havent timed it myself but seems quicker to me less tab changing for example.


    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you! I appreciate the tip. Since I posted the video and wrote the blog post, LeadsLeap redesigned their site and the surfing experience has been improved. It’s now quicker simply to click the “Show More Links” button on the same page as the ad you’ve just been viewing.

      Surfing ads on Leadsleap

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