How To Create An E-book For Free On Google Drive

How to create an ebook for free on Google Drive.

In this training article and video I’ll show you how to create an e-book for free on Google Drive.

After I have made an ebook PDF free on Google Drive, I’ll show you how to download it to your computer.

This training follows-up on my e-book, How To Create An E-book For Free And Get More Online Sales.

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This training video shows you how you can create a PDF version of your e-book for free using Google Drive.

Training Video: How To Create An E-book For Free On Google Drive

Video Walkthrough

Today I want to follow up on the e-book that I sent to you, How To Create An E-book For Free And Get More Sales.

I want to show you the process of creating an e-book using free online tools; specifically using Google docs.

What I’m going to do is create a “nominal” or “token” e-book.

I’ll show you how to use some of the parts of Google docs to do that.

And then, how to turn that Google doc into a PDF file that you can download to your hard-drive and then later on upload to, although the WordPress side will be a separate video.

Step 1: Getting Started

So we come over to Google Drive and click the “New” button here – and select Google docs.

A blank, untitled document comes up.

That is where we will create, completely for free, our new e-book.

Step 2: Writing The E-book.

In this part of the video I show you a few of the basics of creating an ebook on Google Docs, such as:

  • Choosing font style and size.
  • Centering and creating titles and section headings
  • Embedding hyperlinks into URLs and text.
  • Importing images.
  • Creating bulleted lists.

Step 3: Download Your Google Doc As A PDF File.

Simply click on the “printer” icon and click the “Save” button to save your document. On a new screen you will be invited to download the document to your hard-drive as a PDF file.

Those are the basic mechanics of creating an e-book for free.

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