Why Is Wealthy Affiliate The Top Affiliate Marketing Network?

Ask me why I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the top affiliate marketing network online and I could spend the next few hours laying it out for you…

But in today’s article I want to focus on the networking benefits that are on offer inside the Wealthy Affiliate membership site.

First, here’s a question for you:

Do you believe Ken Blanchard’s assertion that “none of us is as smart as all of us”?

Do you think you can run a successful one man show in your online business?

Nobody is smart enough to master content creation, traffic generation, list-building, sales, and so on. In the constantly changing world of Internet marketing, it certainly helps to cooperate with other marketers.

Besides, joint ventures are the essence of internet marketing, aren’t they?

But breaking into the top affiliate marketing network where your industry’s guru marketers hang out can be a tough call. People pay $1000’s just to grab a seat at an event where successful online marketers are speaking.

And it’s even more challenging to get a 1-on-1 coaching opportunity with an industry leader.

What If There Was An Easier Way?

One of the most valuable benefits of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) membership is its role as a networking platform for affiliate marketers. While WA offers excellent training, the ability to engage with other members is what makes membership so valuable. That’s one big reason why Wealthy Affiliate has been on my top 5 programs list ever since I launched this blog.

For example, I have identified several top marketers among the premium members who I follow on the Wealthy Affiliate membership site. (WA follow is similar to Twitter follow.)

By doing so, I can keep track of their forum contributions and learn from them. I can also identify connections with whom I can exchange ideas.

Many of them will also follow me. As a result, various sub-networks are created within the WA community, based on specific business interests and activity.

Another thing I appreciate about the WA affiliate marketing network is the absence of tire-kickers. This is a community of committed, paid members who take their success very seriously. And that demonstration of commitment makes it very easy to approach any expert for help or other association. That’s why I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the top affiliate marketing network online today.

Reap The Benefits Of Being Part Of The Top Affiliate Marketing Network

There are several ways you’ll benefit once you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate and engage with our network.

One of the immediate SEO benefits for beginners is traffic generation through the community. Members often visit each other’s sites and share honest, constructive criticism. This feedback comes in the form of blog comments. That in turn increases the much needed on-site engagement. Smart marketers will also use the same platform to get initial backlinks and boost their SEO rankings.

But perhaps the most important benefit comes from the ability to share ideas about what’s currently working. When changes occur in the industry, new tips and tricks are shared. Talk about anything from Google algorithm updates, new traffic sources or hot new revenue streams. You get to move with the first movers, and position your business for maximum benefit.

Save Your Money For Other Business Needs

Best of all, whatever benefits you get are covered by the monthly subscription. There are no annoying upgrades or upsells. You can try the generous free membership option and take the simple Premium membership upgrade if you like what you see. Premium membership will deliver several immediate benefits:

  • access to the top affiliate marketing network on the Internet.
  • effective and practical online business training.
  • high quality, secure WordPress hosting.
  • create up to 50 WordPress sites.
  • on-site blogging.
  • Live chat where you can get instant help and advice from the community.
  • 1-on-1 coaching from the site owners.
  • Weekly live affiliate marketing training videos (webinars).

No longer will the size of your budget limit your access to valuable, up-to-date industry information.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s networking functionality, 1-on-1 coaching is now incredibly cheap and easily accessible, without compromising on its quality.

That’s why I believe Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the top affiliate marketing network on the Internet. If you are ready to check it out, join us free today and get ready for an exciting ride!

David Hurley



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