My Top 5 Affiliate Programs for 2020: What Are They? Why Did I Choose Them?

Hello and welcome to My name is David Hurley. I started this blog with one aim in mind: to help you make money online by following my steps. I started my first online business back in 1999, and started my first affiliate marketing venture in 2007.

I’ve learned a lot since then and made a lot of mistakes as well along the road to Internet business success. So I think I’m well qualified to help you avoid my mistakes and get on the fast track to building a profitable online business.

Over the last 12 months or so I have pivoted towards working with cryptocurrency-related programs. As a result, in April 2020 I updated my Top 5 Programs to reflect this change of emphasis.

Stick with me and I’ll show you my top 5 affiliate programs for 2020 and how I work with them.

I award these programs 5 stars.

These are all 5 Star Programs that offer great value both in the services they provide and as profitable programs to promote as an affiliate. You will find here a mixed portfolio of “tried and tested” programs that bring in a regular monthly commission income, as well as a couple of newer or recently upgraded programs that offer excellent online business services and exciting profit potential in the crypto arena.

Once you know what my top 5 affiliate programs are and how I work with them, you will be able to follow my steps and start making money from them too.

The Rule of “5”

After a decade of affiliate marketing I have found “the rule of 5” to be very useful. It gives me the ideal balance between the two virtues of “focus” and “diversity”.

One of the biggest blocks to succeeding in affiliate marketing is that we can end up joining and promoting too many programs. The more programs you promote, the more you are dividing your attention. If you try to promote too many programs you will spread your resources of time and money too thinly. As a result, you will struggle to make the breakthrough you are seeking.

So it makes sense to keep your focus narrow.

On the other hand, have seen too many programs crash and burn over the last few years. There is no guarantee that the program you are working with today will still be there tomorrow. If you put everything into a single program, your income  could be wiped out if the program suddenly shuts down.

So it makes sense to diversify.

And for me, I have found the ideal balance between focus and diversity to be five programs. That is why I put most of my effort into promoting my top 5 affiliate programs.

So What Are My Top 5 Affiliate Programs?

  1. The Prosperity Marketing System – A $12 list building marketing funnel pays you 100% monthly Bitcoin commissions…
  2. Mind Capital – A powerful Bitcoin arbitrage program that has generated consistent daily profits since its launch in 2019.
  3. Passive Expert – Launched in March 2020, a crypto arbitrage and online advertising company.
  4. Click Track Profit – John Olson is BACK with CTP 2.0. Simply the best – and most fun – training site for affiliate marketers.
  5. LeadsLeap continues to be my #1 source of referrals, sales and upgrades.

Why Did I Choose These “Top 5” Affiliate Programs?

#1 The Prosperity Marketing System

How would you like to have the ability to completely customize your very own marketing funnel system with programs of YOUR choice?

Yep, just delete the ones you don’t like and add your own. Then, promote your system and earn 100% commissions at the same time.

Multiple streams of income and downline growth is the fastest way to online wealth, and now you can have the control over which downlines to grow while you brand yourself independently of any of them.

Plus, if the people you refer decide NOT to join your primary business, you get paid anyway! Wait… A “No” means money in your pocket? You bet! You win no matter what happens, but only if you are using the Prosperity Marketing System.

#2 Mind Capital

Mind Capital is a crypto arbitrage program that uses advanced algorithms to obtain maximum profitability every day. The program is very easy to work with. All the details of the transactions are recorded. The withdrawal process is both easy and highly transparent. To grow your Bitcoin with Mind Capital simply join here (free) via my Distributor link.


#3 Passive Expert

Passive Expert was launched in March 2020 as a U.K registered company based in Ipswich, England. It’s early days yet, but I have been receiving daily crypto profits from the arbitrage side, and referrals into my site (Elite Downline Builder) from their log-in ad service. There’s a lot to like about this company. $10 entry (in Bitcoin), $5 ad packs, daily profits from arbitrage and other trading activities until you have received a 125% return on your money…

#4 Click Track Profit

The biggest issue with affiliate marketing training is that it’s created by experts for experts!

It seems like you need a Phd in computer science to even BEGIN to learn all the in’s and out’s of this exciting industry.

The powers that be almost forgot that they were once brand new to this stuff… Isn’t it time for affiliate marketing training…For the rest of us?

Introducing ClickTrackProfit the ultimate step by step training platform that has YOU in mind!

The training at CTP will take you from the beginner stages all the way through to expert level training, without complicating the process.

From tracking to content creation, traffic generation to social media…CTP goes over it all.

And best of all, you can go at your own pace using their revolutionary ‘drip fed training method’!

#5 LeadsLeap

I have been with Leads since 2008. LeadsLeap is an excellent traffic generation program with some useful tools to help Internet marketers become more effective. In March 2020 they added a professional autoresponder to their portfolio of features. LeadsLeap is consistently my best source for referrals, sales and upgrades by quite a large margin.

David Hurley


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David is a business blogger who started his first website back in 1997 and has been running an online business since 2000. He uses the concept of Top 5 Programs to build multiple online income streams without losing focus. David recommends Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to build a profitable online business. Read more about David on his About page.


  1. Dear David,

    As I read through your articles I become very confused as to what 5 programs are truly the ones you recommend and dedicate your time to because the following is what you have written about:

    The five programs I work with are:
    Strong Future International
    Wealthy Affiliate
    Build A Biz Online

    So What Are My Top 5 Affiliate Programs?
    The Prosperity Marketing System
    Wealthy Affiliate
    Click Track Profit

    I’ve been with all of the five programs for quite a while now:
    * SFI since 2007
    * LeadsLeap since 2008
    * AdKreator since 2011
    * Trafficwave since 2012
    * Wealthy Affiliate since 2015

    • Hi James,

      I appreciate your diligence in checking out the changes in my Top 5 Programs over the lifetime of this blog.

      Changes in the make up of my personal “Top 5” programs occurs for several reasons.

      1. Programs shut down. That happened to Adkreator in April 2020. It was not one of my Top 5 at the time, but had it been, of course I would have had to replace it with another program.

      2. Programs get old and dated. I removed Adkreator for this reason about 18 months ago.

      3. Stuff happens. Paypal stopped working with Trafficwave. At the time my Top 5 model was 100% tied in to Paypal, so I removed Trafficwave. (Also, I live in Japan and once Paypal dropped Trafficwave I had no way to receive my commission…)

      4. I change my approach. In the last 12 months I’ve pivoted strongly towards programs that work with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Four of my current five programs are crypto based. The only exception is LeadsLeap, which is great for other reasons.

      NOTE: I continue to work with several of the programs I drop from the Top 5 listings, but they are not my priority when it comes to marketing.

      1. Wealthy Affiliate is an essential part of my online business as it is where I host all my WordPress blogs. That is not going to change. What’s changed is where I promote WA: much deeper inside my marketing funnel.

      2. SFI: I continue to work with SFI, but it has become a “self sustaining” side business with some application to my “pivot to crypto” such as the Rewardical program.

      Without the discipline that the “rule of 5” imposes, I would end up actively trying to promote everything – and end up “getting nowhere fast.”

      All the best,

      David Hurley


      P. S. Check out my other business blog:

  2. Hi David,

    This is a very useful post to me as an aspiring affiliate marketer.

    I am only familiar Wealthy Affiliate, haven’t heard of the other ones.

    I like the fact that you use all these service/products based on your experience.

    You don’t mention it in the post but how long have you been with each of these programs?

    • Hi Zarina,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to know you found my post useful.

      I’ve been with all of the five programs for quite a while now:

      * SFI since 2007
      * LeadsLeap since 2008
      * AdKreator since 2011
      * Trafficwave since 2012
      * Wealthy Affiliate since 2015

      Tried and tested!

      All the best,

      David Hurley

  3. Thanks Mr David. This top5 progam you launch is fantastic. I love it so much because it brings a lot of encouragement to members. Thanks.

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