How To Get Email Subscribers To Stay With You And Not Unsubscribe…

Though growing your list is an important priority, knowing how to get email subscribers to stay subscribed is even more important. The moment a marketer takes his list for granted, even the best growth strategy may fail.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s easier to unsubscribe from a legitimate marketer’s list than it is to subscribe to it!

Modern autoresponder systems such as SendSteed have easy one-click unsubscribe functionality. And e-mail marketing laws require an unsubscribe link to be included in every email sent to subscribers. That makes it easy for subscribers to run for the escape hatch, if you don’t get your act together.

As such, it is important to take steps to avoid mistakes that will cost you valuable subscribers. Here are some of the common list building mistakes which often cause subscribers to hit the unsubscribe button.

“Not Straying From The Straight Path”

Before I send anything to any of my email lists, I ask myself this question: Why did my subscribers opt in to my list? That is an essential step towards knowing how to get email subscribers to stay with you.

People join mailing lists for a very specific purposes, and they expect to receive relevant and valuable information in the ensuing emails. The specific purpose might be to learn about list building, internet marketing training, the ins and outs of an affiliate program and so on.

The purpose defines the boundaries of what you can send to subscribers’ inboxes. I call this the ‘straight path’ on which to tread when emailing your list. Any diversion from the straight and narrow will test subscribers’ tolerance. If you test their tolerance beyond its limits, your subscribers will hit the unsubscribe button!

So, avoid digressing from the main topic of your list. Stay focused on the business for which they originally subscribed or which they later expressed interest in.

Use “Campaign Chaining” To Empower Subscriber Choice

If you want to cross sell other offers to your list, it is best to create a separate list, which you promote in a completely separate campaign from your first list. With SendSteed you can create an unlimited number of lists.

If you think subscribers to your first list may be interested in the contents of your second list, you can place an invitation to join the second list as a P. S. at the end of one of your newsletters in the first list and insert a cross-link. That way, the different topic is offered non-intrusively to your list subscribers and should result in fewer people hitting the unsubscribe button.

Do You Hate Spam? So Do Your List Subscribers!

Some marketers don’t take the concept of the “straight and narrow path” seriously. Yet, not only is it a huge email marketing mistake; it is also considered cyber-crime! And it has a name, SPAM!

Being granted access to subscribers’ inboxes to deliver certain information isn’t a blanket agreement to send anything and everything else. Sending unsolicited information is deemed invasion of recipients’ privacy.

While a subscriber can simply hit unsubscribe, things can get worse if they decide to report you for spamming. That can ruin a marketer’s online reputation and can get you banned from providers of various email marketing solutions.

So don’t be tempted to flood subscribers’ inboxes with unnecessary messages. There is an optimum number of messages you can send over a period, beyond which it becomes a nuisance. Use your autoresponder tracking reports to figure out who opened your emails, and which emails have higher open-rates, then tailor your follow-up messages accordingly.

Remember, there’s a difference between effective follow-up and nagging. If subscribers feel they are simply being sold to, they will be much more likely to hit the unsubscribe button.

Distribute Value; Email Marketing Isn’t All About Pitching

One of the worst email marketing misconceptions is that by subscribing to a list, customers are itching to buy something. Rather, people subscribe to a list if they believe they can derive certain value from it.  As the perceived value diminishes, the probability of their hitting the unsubscribe button increases. So train yourself to lead with messages that are relevant, valuable, and entertaining.

It is better to appear in subscribers’ inboxes only once in a while when you have something of value to offer.  While you want to keep your lists active, it doesn’t help if you bore them with frequent but worthless sales pitches.

So, instead of thinking about sales, create content which helps your subscribers solve problems. When you do that, it is perfectly acceptable to include a link to the relevant, problem-solving, product or service. What’s important is that you’re offering value. The product offer comes across as a valuable problem solving tool or accessory; not as just a random item that you are trying to sell for a fast buck.

Give Them A Reason To Stick To Their Decision To Subscribe

When people sign-up to a list, they are trusting you to enter their space. The job of any successful internet marketer is to prove that the subscriber made the right choice. You can do that by respecting your subscribers and leading with relevant, value-rich trust-building emails.

The proof that your content is appreciated is found in a growing or thriving email list. On the contrary, failure to live up to expectations is evidenced by the rate at which the unsubscribe button gets hit.

David Hurley


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