Cha cha cha Changes at Top 5 Programs! What’s in & What’s out & Why?

At the beginning of the year I posted a video about the work I had been doing on my blog, , and also about how I had made no changes to the “Top 5 Programs” listings for the second year running…

Well, as of today, that has changed!

I made a video explaining what has changed and why I have made those changes (or, if you prefer reading, scroll on down…):

What’s In?

I have added The Click Engine , a “buyer traffic” delivery program that also works as a “micro continuity offer”. I published a video and blog post about The Click Engine yesterday @

so there is no need to rehash the reasons why I like that program here. Suffice it to say I believe it will work very well with the other four programs, on the front end of the Top 5 Programs marketing funnel.

What’s Out?

The program I have swapped out is SFI. I will continue working with SFI, but it has always been a bit of an anomaly or an outlier in the Top 5 Programs portfolio. Actually, SFI works for me as a “stand-alone program”.

Also, there was a lot of old SFI-related stuff on my Top 5 Programs blog.

Well, today I took the bull by the horns and set up a new free blog on the SiteRubix domain and moved all the still relevant SFI-related content from Top 5 Programs to the new blog. It’s not much to look at right now, but here it is:

I also set 301 redirect links to a lot of old blog posts and have deleted most of the SFI content from Top 5 Programs.

What’s Changed?

One other change I made concerns Click Track Profit and Listnerds…

Instead of promoting CTP and relying on the “back end” for referrals into Listnerds, I have flipped it and brought in Listnerds as one of my “Top 5 Programs” in place of CTP.

My thinking is (1) Listnerds, as a traffic generation program, is more closely attuned to the mission of Top 5 Programs, and (2) anybody who seriously engages with Listnerds will be very likely to join CTP – if only so they can get any Listnerd commissions that they earn! Listnerds also offers a direct route onto the Hive blockchain.


I have made these changes to bring clarity and unity to the Top 5 Programs project.

Now, perhaps for the first time ever, all five programs work well together in the online business tools niche, and there is now a logical progression that can be built into the marketing funnel:

  1. The Click Engine – A cheap source of buyer leads on the front end…
  2. Prosperity Marketing System – A funded proposal close to the top of the funnel…
  3. LeadsLeap – An autoresponder and suite of advertising and promotional tools…
  4. ListNerds – An industry-leading list mailer (that introduces subscribers to the Hive blockchain)
  5. Wealthy Affiliate – A premium WordPress hosting and business blogging training service on the back end. (This is the big ticket residual income product.)

So now all I have to do is get to work pumping out content for my blog and my email series as well as a bunch of videos and what have you!


David Hurley

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