5 Email List Building Mistakes To Avoid

Too many online marketers continue to make basic email list building mistakes that slow down their growth and rob them of profits.

Yet, building a responsive mailing list is the most important task in internet marketing, so getting it right is an essential step to success. An effective email list building strategy will create a buzz around your business, increase engagement, convert more prospects and boost your profits.

However, a lot of inexperienced marketers do not understand what to do – and what not to do – to build a responsive list.

So, in this article I want to dispel some of the worst email list building mistakes that hold people back.

Dispelling The Worst Email List Building Mistakes

email list building
Effective email list building is not as difficult as the labours of Hercules…

Mistake #1. List Building Is Hard

In fact, building a list is not all that difficult. Sure, it takes some time and effort, but it doesn’t require anything like the labours of Hercules to accomplish. Anyone who’s smart enough to click a mouse can build their own email list from scratch.

However, if you ask the guy who sells lists, they’ll definitely tell you how difficult it is. Which brings us to the second mistake…

Mistake # 2. It’s Better To Buy A List

What the seller doesn’t tell you is that the list if full of email addresses which were illegally acquired. Even if they were legally acquired, they may be out of date. Even fresh leads may well be unresponsive (because the person who’s details you are buying is not interested in your niche).

A responsive mailing list tailored to your niche is one of the good things that money will never buy. List building is far more than just collecting email addresses. It is all about relationship building, something a so-called list-broker can never transfer to you even if they wanted to.  Instead of building good relationships with your subscribers, you may end up with complaints about spam and even more serious legal problems.

Mistake #3. List Building Is Optional

Email list building is a vital part of any serious Internet business. Whoever says list building is optional certainly doesn’t understand internet marketing.

For sure, you can generate one-off sales without a list. But building a responsive email list is all about converting prospects into customers and then building long-term relationships with those customers. Generating repeat sales is where the real profits lie in any business. So, what serious business person would assert that building a loyal customers is an optional endeavour?

Of course, Internet marketers can use marketing services such as solo ads, safelists and viral mailers to access other people’s lists. But without owning the list there is always a limit to what one can advertise to that list.

So the best way to use those services is to promote a unique squeeze page of your own that invites those prospects to join YOUR list. 

In the end, no matter what other lists you rent or borrow,  you to have your own email list building strategy in place. That way you can build your own highly targeted – and therefore much more responsive mailing list.

Mistake #4. You Need a Huge Site To Build A List

Though a huge site with tons of traffic is great for email list building, it is definitely not a pre-requisite. In fact, the most basic tool you need to start building a list is a professional autoresponder system.

Though having a website or blog makes things much easier along the way, and it is something that I highly recommend, not having one does not mean you cannot build a respsonsive mailing list. There are marketers who’ve successfully built huge lists just by using a professional autoresponder service.

Mistake #5. You Need A Huge List To Make Money

As far as list building is concerned, quality trumps quantity anytime. A hyper-active double opt-in list of 500 subscribers will be far more profitable than a list of 5,000 poorly targeted and (therefore) unresponsive subscribers. That’s just common sense!

When building a list, a marketer’s primary objective should be getting good quality leads. They will be highly-targeted and will be more responsive to calls to action. It’s no use getting scores of leads that are totally uninterested in what’s on offer. Use highly relevant keyword phrases in your marketing to attract the people who are already very interested in your marketing niche.

Anyone CAN Become A List Building Rock Star!

A lot of these lies are based on sheer ignorance and confusion. But a good amount of them are deliberately pushed by online scammers who stand to gain from the ensuing confusion. That is why every marketer needs to be clear about what they can achieve in list building.

The plain truth is that absolutely anyone can profit from building their own list from scratch with a professional autoresponder service.

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