My Passive Results With The Click Engine, April-July 2022 (Video)

I just posted a video I made about at my passive earnings with The Click Engine from April to July 2022.

During those four months I was busy with my work as a freelance English teacher and college lecturer. Throughout college term I let much of my online business run more or less on “autopilot” while I was out and about teaching a bunch of classes five or six days a week.

I Love Teaching – And Earning Passive Online Income!

I love teaching, and I love having an online business that works for my while I’m doing my stuff in the classroom!

So for four months I did hardly anything actively to promote The Click Engine, except to promote a landing page for my “Fill Your Funnel” email course in which I recommend The Click Engine as an excellent “top of funnel” offer. I didn’t make any new videos or publish any blog posts or social media content about The Click Engine.

The Click Engine Keeps On Working In The Background

Yet still the recurring sales, and some first-time sales, kept rolling in.

As I record this video I have had 68 first time sales, several upsells, and several hundred recurring sales.

Just two more first-time sales to go before I get my 7th $25 bonus payment from the program owner!

Not bad for a $4.90 set-and-forget online advertising service that sends buyer-traffic to two of my landing pages day after day!

My Passive Results with The Click Engine

Check out the video for proof that The Click Engine has great retention rates to help you build a passive online income:

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All the best,

David Hurley


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  1. Hi Will,

    As more subscribers join more ads are added to the rotator, but on the other hand there are more subscribers clicking and viewing ads, so traffic flow has remained a fairly constant so far, with a 2.7% opt-in rate to my mailing list. Results will vary of course, depending on the quality, relevance, and appeal of what you are advertising.

  2. Hi David,

    Ty for this very encouraging review. Great to see you have a regular stream of passive income from the program.

    From the traffic side, as it works on a rotator basis, i wonder how effective it is on getting traffic, especially since there are many subscribers on the system now.

    Best wishes,
    Will Banks

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