If You Commit To Yourself, Here’s What Will Happen, by Tom Bilyeu

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In today’s post I offer some extended Tom Bilyeu quotes, taken from one of his dynamic video monologues aimed to help you commit to yourself.

If you can learn to commit to yourself it doesn’t matter if you’re just “average.” One of the Tom Bilyeu quotes I like best is:

Whether you have talent, or whether you don’t, the only thing that matters is, will you persevere? Will you stick with it long enough to get great? (Video: 22:00) 

I’ve posted a transcript of the first section of the video below, but I recommend that you listen to the whole video. Listen several times to let the message sink in: then commit to yourself and your vision for your future.

“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis

People Often Mistake Pain For Being Bad

People look at their past to decide who they are. People look at their past to decide who they can be.

But the problem is oftentimes people mistake difficulties, suffering, pain, for being bad, being less-than, being broken. And it erodes their sense of self esteem. It erodes their sense of self worth.

Your Difficulties Show You What You’re Capable Of

But nothing could be more opposite from the truth, because in reality, no matter what you’ve gone through, no matter how hard it was, all of it was shaping you into the person that you can become.

The hardships, the difficulties the pain, the suffering – all of that makes you tougher. It is literally in the difficulties that you begin to find just how much you are capable of.

Another of my favorite Tom Bilyeu quotes

It’s in the suffering that you find out just how resilient you are. It’s in the pain that you can rise up and get tough.

And all of that’s going to serve you as you move forward.

You Have To Know How To Frame Your Experiences

But you have to know how to frame it. You have to know how to think about it. You have to know that all of it is an opportunity to learn. All of it is an opportunity to grow. All of it is an opportunity to get better.

But you have to use it to shape yourself. You have to lean in to it. You have to know that the pain and the suffering, all of it is serving you.

But if you’re telling yourself a story that diminishes you, if you’re telling yourself a story that bad things have happened to me, or I’ve done bad things and that makes me a bad person, then none of it is going to help you.

And you’re always going to move backwards. And it’s going to be this stress and this pressure that’s pushing you backwards.

Put It Behind You So That It Pushes You Forward

Instead, if you can put it behind you so that it pushes you forward, it propels you to be more, then no matter what’s happened to you, you can become something truly extraordinary.

And as David Livingstone said,

“I’ll go anywhere, provided it be forward.”

Tom Bilyeu quotes David Livingstone #commit to yourself

So even when you’re making mistakes, even when you’re falling down, if in that you can see that it’s an opportunity, it’s a lesson, it’s something that you’ve learnt, even when you’re running and you stumble and you trip, and you scrape yourself all across the pavement, you’re still moving forward.

It Doesn’t Matter That You Look Stupid

As long as you get back up, dust yourself off and keep going, it doesn’t matter that you fell. It doesn’t matter that you embarrassed yourself. It doesn’t matter that you made a mistake or that you look stupid.

None of that matters.

The only thing that matters is how you think about it.

Do you let it be something that moves you backwards?

Or do you recognize that at least it was momentum? At least you were going forward. At least you tried. At least you were putting your energy into something. At least you were willing to take a risk.

And that’s where most people fail.

They’re never willing to put themselves out there because they don’t see the momentum. They don’t see the forward movement. They only see the failure.

It really is that easy.

So commit to yourself and keep moving forward no matter what.

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  1. As a teacher of middle school students, I have always tried to instill in them the idea that it is okay to make a mistake because it is from failure that we learn and grow. Although we may not realize it at the moment, our “failure” is usually a preparatory step toward something in our future.

    I remind them of something that Albert Einstein once said…”A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

    That’s why David Livingstone’s advice…“I’ll go anywhere, provided it be forward”…rings so true. We must never let a mistake, or failure, deter us from achieving our ultimate goal.

    It also doesn’t hurt to have a few individuals providing us with support and encouragement along the way!

    Thanks David, for yours!!

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