How To Improve Your Online Business Skills In 13 Easy (?) Steps…

If your Internet marketing efforts are not making you any money, you simply need to learn how to improve your online business skills.

Keep The End In Mind

keep the end in mind
“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey) – and keep it there until you make it.

Learning how to improve your online business skills is all about beginning with the end in mind – and keeping the end in mind.

So, what are you trying to achieve?

Obviously, you want to sell more of whatever you are trying to sell. If you’re not making money then it is either due to your effort or your sales funnel.

Are You Putting In Enough Effort?

How many hours a week do you work on your business? What do you feel about that? 

How does your effort compare with that of someone like Gary Veynerchuk?

If you’re not sure what that means, check this Gary Veynerchuk “Motivation” video compiled by Evan Carmichael:

If you are working hard on your business but not making money, then it could be your sales funnel that’s the problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been failing to make money from your online business for months or even years…

Anybody can improve because it is simply a matter of tweaking your sales funnel until the sales begin to flow.

All it takes is a willingness to learn and the discipline to put what you learn into practice.

The key to discovering how to improve your online business is knowing where to look for the best advice…

I have found this affiliate marketing training site to be the best online business training. It will help you get more people flowing through your sales funnel, and more sales too.

And here’s a list of thirteen other things you can do to improve your online business skills…

How To Improve Your Online Business Skills In 13 Easy Steps…

1. One-on-One Coaching

This is one of the most effective ways to learn as long as you have the right coach. You need someone who’s highly experienced and successfully doing it NOW.

But it won’t come cheap!

Let’s just say you could be set back a couple of thousand dollars if you want a coach who you meet face to face.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of the Internet and find online coaches for much less (see next tip).

2. Coaching Programs

A great coaching program will allow to you learn at your own pace for much less than the cost of a personal coach.

How to improve your online business skillsWealthy Affiliate is one such program; and it delivers a lot more than its competitors.

Right now, as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate I am getting some great group coaching from Kyle, one of the program owners, and from Bo Tipton, one of the senior members of WA.

That’s in addition to the Certification training and weekly Live Video Classes I receive as part of my Premium membership.

3. Forum Posts

These can be a continuous source of up-to-date industry trends. Wherever like-minded people meet up, be certain that great ideas are exchanged. You just have to be able to find a good quality forum where you can ask specific questions and get informed responses from the other members.

4. Read Books And Build A Business Library

Leaders are readers. When they read they take notes, and so should you.

how to improve your online business skills - read books
My business library

If you’re looking for a specific skill such as how to get more sales with e-books, you can probably find a free e-book on the topic. But stop thinking that buying books is an expense.

Think of it as an investment and always be looking for new books to read to help you improve your business skills.

5. Online Tutorials

Enough digging through the right sites will reveal great internet marketing tutorials. Most experts in internet marketing offer tutorials to their followers via blogs. However, most of these tutorials are specific to the programs they promote. I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate’s weekly Live Video Training tutorials. Premium membership of WA gets you access to those videos.

6. Join a Free Affiliate Program

Good affiliate programs offer extensive free training. Using those resources is a great way to learn the ropes.

Perhaps the best free training course I’ve seen was done by George Little exclusively for the Internet’s biggest free affiliate program, SFI.

7. Buy A Video Tutorial Course

Sites like Udemy and Instant e-Training are dedicated to selling video training courses. Word of advice though: you might want to stick with videos that have plenty of positive reviews to avoid disappointment.

8. Marketing Newsletters

If you can’t pay cash for one-on-one coaching, your e-mail address can get you back-door access.

Just sign up to the coach’s list and you will get invaluable nuggets of information through his or her newsletters. It’s also a great way to preview snippets of the one-on-one service without any financial commitment.

9. YouTube “Podcasts”

These days a lot of very successful people are either hosting podcast shows on YouTube, or they appear on those shows. The discussions that result often include a lot of wisdom and insights of value to online marketers.

My favourite YouTube podcasts include:

10. Conferences and Events

Never under-estimate the power of face-to-face interactions (even if you can’t afford #1 a personal coach).

When you attend conferences you absorb the vibe from both speakers and fellow delegates. Attending events helps you to believe that what you’re trying to do really can be done. It gets you associating with people whom you wish to emulate.

11. Following Successful Bloggers

Successful people often blog about how they do certain things. It helps them build authority in their niche.

It also helps their followers to improve their skills.

Whenever you find a good business blog, bookmark it so you can find it again. Or opt in to the blogger’s list.

12. Facebook Mastermind Groups

Facebook is more than just a place to re-connect with old friends or fish for cheap traffic. You can also join networks of experts who will freely share million-dollar ideas.

Though they’re often members-only “clubs”, mastermind groups are an amazing source of personalized internet marketing training.

13. Fail Better

In the corporate world, they call it on-the-job training. You know that practice makes perfect, right?

And theoretical knowledge is worthless until it is applied. So start to get your hands dirty.

Test your idea. Watch as it fails. Learn from it and move forward. Then rinse and repeat.

So, what’s the most important thing you can do today to learn how to improve your online business skills? Click the button below to find out:

David Hurley


P. S. If you’re one of those people (like me) who scrolls to the P.S., this article is about how to improve your online business skills.

In the article I repeatedly recommend Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate because if you’re SERIOUS about improving your business, they will get you moving forward on the RIGHT track to success…

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