[FYF] You’ll get these 3 types of referral – 2 out of 3 are winners!

When your referrals join the
Prosperity Marketing System
and take the $12 Student upgrade
they will get access to the PMS
Internet marketing training

As your referrals go through the
training they’ll be invited to
join your programs – safelists,
traffic exchanges, other ad
sites and tools such as your
autoresponder service.

They will also be shown your
Primary Program and invited to
join it.

At that point your referral has
three choices:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Buy the Owner Add-On
  3. Join your program

Let’s look at what each option
means for you:

1.They Do Nothing

Oh well, your referral may have
upgraded to access the training,
so you have earned at least one
100% ($12) commission.

Heck even top dog copywriters
such as Frank Kern will tell you
you can’t get everybody to take
action… You can’t hit a home-
run with every swing of the bat.

Just keep on swinging and you’ll
get results…

2. They Buy the Owner Add-on

Congratulations! You just earned $97!

Your referral has just paid you to replace
your program with theirs!

3. They Join Your Program


Contact your new referral and
show them how they can also get
sign-ups by plugging their links
into the Prosperity Marketing

If you are in my PMS team you
can show them the bonuses I
offer everybody in my downline.

See this page for more info:


You win whatever they do!

That’s how you earn with the
Prosperity Marketing System-
whether people join your primary
program or not!

It’s a win-win system that helps
you make money no matter what
your referrals do.

Not yet a member?

JOIN HERE and grab your 7 day
trial FREE today!

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. If you missed yesterday’s
email, here’s the link to my
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Prosperity Marketing System: 


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