[FYF] The Art Of Positioning Part 1: Win If They Join Your Program – Win If They Don’t

Are you in this game for small
payouts or for life-changing
commission payments?

The best answer is:


Begin With A Low-Cost/High Value Offer

If you have been reading my
emails you will know that your
top-of-funnel offer should be a
low-cost, high value offer such
as The Click Engine for just
$4.90 a month with a 50%
commission structure.

You can quickly get sales and
commissions with that kind of

A Higher Price Point For Your 2nd Offer

Moving further into the funnel,
my next recommendation was
the Prosperity Marketing System
for $12 a month with 100%
commission payments.

Again, great value for money
and an easy sell – who wouldn’t
want a $12 marketing funnel
with commissions like that?

The “Primary Business” Win-Win

Inside the Prosperity Marketing
System (PMS) you can join your
sponsor’s “Primary Business.”


For a one-time payment of $97
you can become an owner and
change the “Primary Business”
to your own program.

What this means is that when
someone joins PMS through
your affiliate link, you will get
paid (about $95) if they buy 
the Owner upgrade instead of
joining your Primary Program.

Or, if they like the program you
are offering, they will join
your downline.

You win if they join your
program and you win if they

The Art Of “Positioning”

That is how PMS helps you to
position yourself to make money.

The art of positioning is one of
the keys to affiliate-marketing

We’ll continue talking about
“positioning” in tomorrow’s

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. Here’s my affiliiate link
to the Prosperity Marketing
System – take the 7-day free
tour: Join Us Here Today!

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