[FYF] The Power Of Recurring Commissions: Earn More Selling Less In The 2nd Month!

Here is a video I made about my
results with The Click Engine 
after promoting it for just over
2 months in the first quarter of

In the video you’ll also see how
a “micro-continuity offer” such
as The Click Engine can grow
your monthly commissions –
look out for the yellow bars in
my results chart to see what I

Over 75% of my first-time
customers stayed with the
program into the 2nd month,
so even though I made fewer
sales in March, I made more

People stick with the program
for 2 or 3 reasons:

1. Low cost ($4.90) / high value

2. They get clicks and referrals

3. It’s easy to promote and get
commissions (and $25 bonus
payments from Jeff).

That’s why I keep saying you can
offer The Click Engine to your
biz-op list subscribers with 

Best wishes,

David Hurley

P. S. Here’s the link to the video again:

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