[FYF] How to get your next sale with a “funded proposal” offer

For the past few days we have
talked about why you should
place a “micro continuity offer”
(The Click Engine) at the top
of your email marketing funnel.

When your subscribers buy the
offer and see that it is as good
as you said it was
, they will be
more likely to be receptive to
your follow-up offer.

That is how you build up your
reputation – by offering good
quality programs that your
audience is looking for.

Okay, so let’s move deeper
into the funnel and look at
what our next offer to our
subscribers should be…

If our first offer was for a low
cost source of “buyer traffic”
(The Click Engine), then our
follow-up offer should be for
something they can
send the
traffic to. That way, they can
get their online business up and
running and have a chance to get
some quick sales – which is good
for you too!

The follow-up offer that I make
to my subscribers is called the
Prosperity Marketing System

It’s a funded proposal marketing

What is a “funded proposal”?

A funded proposal is a low-cost
subscription offer that helps to
cover our business costs so that
we don’t crash and burn before
we’ve had an chance to promote
our primary products or services.

In this part of the funnel we’re
looking for a price point that’s
a notch or two higher than our
$4.90 “micro continuity offer”
at the top of the funnel, but is
still in the “low cost” range as
we build our relationship with
our subscribers. Somewhere
between $10 and $20 is about
right in this part of the funnel.

At $12 a month, the Prosperity
Marketing System is a good fit.

The commission structure is also
a big selling point. You earn
100% recurring commission on
your referrals apart from the
2nd and 4th which are passed up
to your sponsor.

That means you can quickly break
even with just one sale. After that
everything else is profit.

Even before we look at what how 
Prosperity Marketing System
works, we can see how it can 
fund our business with just a
few sales.

That is what a funded proposal
program is designed to do – and
it can do much more than that 
once you begin to build up your
sales and commissions inside 
your sales funnel.

More on this topic tomorrow.

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. You can try out the
Prosperity Marketing System
free for 7 days – heck you
could even get your first 100%
commission before the week is

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