Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work Or Is It Just Another Scam?

So, you’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate and read the reviews. But does Wealthy Affiliate actually work like they say it does?

Is the training really that great and will it make you a great income while you’re at it? Or is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

These are questions which many people ask themselves when they think about joining Wealthy Affiliate. And people should be sceptical. Given the number of positive “reviews” posted online for other scammy programs, it’s not difficult to imagine why.

Often, questions about the legitimacy of online programs can be answered by using good old common sense. There are good reasons why so many people, including myself, choose WA to build both their online businesses.

First, How Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work?

As I explain in my review of Wealthy Affiliate, the program is all about training you to build a profitable online business.

But instead of just telling how it’s done, WA also provides a fully featured business building platform. This includes:

  • Jaaxy keyword research suite
  • WordPress-based blogging system
  • Highly secure website hosting
  • Massive library of in-depth how-to video training classes
  • Lively online community where you can pick up tips and get instant answers to your questions

Yet, most people miss the simple fact that Wealthy Affiliate offers two independent ways of earning an online income.

  • You can build a niche marketing online business and learn how to make a full-time income with it.
  • Or you can spread the word about Wealthy Affiliate and build a substantial income by earning residual affiliate commissions.

Of course, you have the option to pursue both alternatives and maximize on your membership. But that’s entirely up to you.

WA Trains You To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work?

It’s important to understand that any good coaching or training program like WA aims to support an underlying passion.

There are millions of people who don’t know how to turn their passions into real online incomes.

If you are one of them, Wealthy Affiliate will take you through the process of monetizing your passion using various internet technologies.

What If You Don’t Have A Specific Passion?

Passion is something you can cultivate. A lot of people join WA without knowing what their passion is.

Does Wealthy Affiliate actually work? Yes, and it can help you cultivate a passion...
Wealthy Affiliate can help you develop a passion and turn it into a profitable online business.

Many of them use the training to explore niche markets until they find something that lights their fire.

Others pretty soon develop a passion for the WA program itself.

And WA makes an excellent biz op since affiliates can earn $23.50 per month per referral.

While you can build a business simply by promoting WA, that isn’t Wealthy Affiliate’s primary purpose. Providing reliable and credible online education and training is what WA is all about.

It’s All About How You Apply It

You can choose to build a blog around your passion or promote WA as a biz op.

Either way, Wealthy Affiliate is all about creating profitable online assets.

The program exposes marketers to the best tools and knowledge of the trade. But what really makes the difference is how you apply these resources to explore the opportunities that you have to make money online.

Does Wealthy Affiliate actually work? Yes, but it's not a silver bullet.
Wealthy Affiliate is not a silver bullet for success. Your success with WA or any legitimate online program depends on your ability to learn and to put what you learn into action.

Like anything else on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a silver bullet for online success.

It’s not a replacement for hard work or smart work… whichever is necessary in your situation. The whole purpose of the training is to put your newly acquired knowledge into swift action. Otherwise, you’ll not make any money with WA or any other program.

And again like anything else in life, the strength of your desire for success is what determines how quickly you find that success.

How you think is crucial to your success no matter what a specific online program provides. If you want to make it work, you’ll probably find many reasons why it works. And the opposite also applies.

So, Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work…?

Wealthy Affiliate has helped many people build successful online businesses from scratch. Many of them have blogged about their experience with WA. Their sites are built on WA’s Site Rubix hosting platform.

Read some of their testimonials about Wealthy Affiliate here.

WA is working well for me too. I learn a lot from the training every month, which helps me make a profit from my WordPress blogs. In addition, I make a profit on the affiliate side too.

It’s not difficult to get into profit with WA.

You only need a couple of premium affiliates to cover your expenses. Then you’ll enjoy the benefits of quality hosting, professional keyword research, and all the training resources for free!

But will it work for you? There’s a great chance it will, if you put the training into action. Simply Try WA FREE Today and see for yourself. Here’s a chart comparing WA’s free and premium membership packages:

David Hurley


P. S. I began this article by asking the question, “Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work” or is Wealthy Affiliate a scam like so many other online “programs”?

My answers are:

YES, Wealthy Affiliate works IF you have the right mindset – a willingness to learn and apply the lessons to your online business.

NO, WA is certainly not a scam. It provides top-quality business training, secure WordPress website hosting and professional keyword research services for aspiring online marketers. That’s why WA is one of my Top 5 Programs.

Join WA Free And Get Started With Your Online Business Training Today!

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