[FYF] The Art Of Positioning Part 2: Keep it relevant, make it compelling – (not) like this

We saw in yesterday’s email how
the Prosperity Marketing System
gives us a “win win” with its
Primary Business offer: You win
if your referral joins your program
and you win if they swap it out
for their own program.

But the question is…

What Program Should You Offer?
This is important. The program
you add to the Primary Business
page can earn you big bucks – but
only if you choose the right one.

Your program should…

* be relevant to your audience
(remember – they want biz-op
traffic… not pills and potions).

* make a compelling offer
(how about giving away what
your audience wants: biz-op

* generate big commissions
(this is your PRIMARY business
so it should be a big-ticket

Okay, so what program do I 

Remember, we are in the biz-op
traffic business in this funnel. So
my Primary Program inside the
Prosperity Marketing System is
a traffic MONSTER with FREE
traffic packs to give away plus
BIG one-time commissions…

BUT, before I show you that let
me tell you how I screwed up
by choosing the wrong type of
program to offer as my Primary
Business inside the Prosperity
Marketing System…

I tried to offer my prospects a
premium WordPress blogging
and training program called
Wealthy Affiliate

Nothing wrong with the program
by the way – it’s one of my “Top
5 Programs” and I host all my
WordPress blogs with them.
If you want to start a blog, 
check out Wealthy Affiliate…

BUT… You Gotta Keep It Relevant!

Offering a premium blogging
program to people who joined
my list in search of biz-op
traffic is just BAD positioning!

It was IRRELEVANT to what
most of my audience was
looking for – traffic NOW!


I got hardly any referrals!

Most people simply said NO
to my offer.

Saved By PMS’s Owner
Upgrade Commissions!

Okay, I did alright because more
people bought the PMS Owner
Upgrade so they could replace my
program with their own program.

Those Owner Upgrade sales
brought in $95 commissions for
me each time.

The Prosperity Marketing System
saved me from my own mistake!

Eventually I got the message
and replaced Wealthy Affiliate
with a big-ticket traffic offer


The commissions suddenly
started to roll in like crazy.

* $8 commissions…
* $18 commissions…
* $38 commissions…
* $73 commissions…
* $98 commissions…
* $148 commissions…


* $198 commissions

I’d never seen anything
like it in all my life as an
affiliate marketer!

That is the power of smart
positioning – but it took a
stupid mistake to get me 

I don’t want you to make 
the same mistake as me –
position yourself for profits
from the get-go.

This is the program I offer
as my Primary Business – 
it gets me big commissions
and a TON of biz-op-
seeker traffic every month.

Join today and I’ll send you
this free bonus ad package:

* 50,000 free text ads
* 50,000 free banner ads

I hope this email has been
instructive – remember,
positioning is everything.

All the best,

David Hurley

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