[FYF] How To Use “Leverage” To Boost Your Ad Power & Get More Referrals

I’ve said a lot about the power
of “positioning” in setting up
a marketing funnel – but not
so much about “leverage.”

Leverage” is all about how you
put your money to work for you
ONCE and get the rewards over
and over again.

Yesterday we saw that a high-
ticket biz-op traffic program
works best as the “Primary
Program” inside the Prosperity
Marketing System.

The program I work with is called
Profit From Free Ads (PFFA).

As it’s name suggests, PFFA lets
you give away free ad packs and
earn some big commissions from
your referrals.

Simply send your prospects to
your free offer through a link
that PFFA gives you.

When your prospects land on that
page, they can simply claim their
free ads, OR they can buy one of 
the ad packs so they can offer
free ad packages to their
prospects to get more referrals
into whatever they are offering.

When I joined PFFA I bought the
highest level ad pack that I could
afford so I could get the special
discount price AND the higher
commission payouts.

Go Tycoon For Maximum Leverage

You goal should be to get the 
highest level (“Tycoon“) pack
which gives you some MASSIVE
leverage – pay once and you
can send solo ads once every
2 days for life.

And you get a ton of ad credits
to promote your offers every
single month.

Plus you qualify for the highest
commission bracket – 50% 
commissions, which can earn
you up to $584.50 per  sale!

BAM! That’s the power of 
Tycoon level leverage!

You don’t need many of those
sales a month to quit your job!

And the traffic you get from
PFFA will get a lot more eyes on
your marketing funnel opt-in

So that is why I position PFFA
as my Primary Program inside
PMS: When you combine the
power of positioning with the
power of leverage, the results

Let’s get you set-up for success

Here is my free offer to you – grab
50,000 free traffic credits and see
how the system works by clicking
this link:


Scroll down to the blue button
that says:

Thanks! YES! Give My Free Ads!

But before you claim the ads,
be sure to check out the ad
packs on offer at discount 

Then, after you sign up, let’s 
get you locked and loaded with
PFFA as your Primary Program
inside PMS.

Here is the link for my free PFFA
ad package again: https://profitfromfreeads.com/hirohurl

And here is the link to your free
7 day test drive of PMS: https://www.prosperitymarketingsystem.com/go/?s=5732

Drop me a line when you have
signed up and I’ll help you 
set everything up.

All the best to you!

David Hurley

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