[FYF] How to become a traffic Tycoon – pain-free, step-by-step. (Hint: Use “Leverage”!)

Yes, I get it – it costs money
to get to Tycoon status inside
the ProfitFromFreeAds program.

Let’s face it, you don’t get to
make $198 commissions without
putting your skin in the game.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to skin yourself
alive to get there either!

If money is a pinch right now,
you can do it step by step with
the help of “leverage”…

Start with the highest level
pack you can afford for now. The 
Manager pack costs just $17 (one
time) gets you 20% commissions on 
Manager-level sales from your

Now you can attract more
referrals by giving away ad

Use the free packs to attract
people into your marketing

As commissions start to flow,
reinvest them into your business
by purchasing the next level
(Mentor) ad pack inside PFFA.

Now you will earn 25%  on your 
Manager and Mentor sales.

And you can give away twice as
many ad views, which will pull 
more people into your funnel…

And so on… That’s leverage in

Remember, you only have to pay
ONCE to lock in your status at
each level of PFFA.

And each time to level up you
get more bang for your buck.

Until finally, when you get to
Tycoon level, you pay just
ONCE and qualify for 50%
commissions at every level.

You get 1 million text ad views
and 1 million banner ad views 
every single month for life.

And you can send a solo ad
every two days for life…

Plus you can give away massive
70k ad packs…

Get started here – then enter
your affiliate username into
the Primary Program field inside
the Prosperity Marketing System.

And now, all you have to do is
send people to your marketing

Just promote your top-of-funnel
squeeze page and let the funnel
do the work for you. 

Believe me, it’s well worth the
effort to get everything set up.

Do it once, and then your
set for life.

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. If you haven’t started yet,
Click Here for your free 7-day
Prosperity Marketing System
test drive.

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