[FYF] 2 tried and tested “leveraged traffic” deals to offer your subscribers

One of the best ways to leverage
traffic is to buy Lifetime deals
from safelist mailers.

You pay just once – and you can
mail their list for a “lifetime.”

BUT go careful, there’s a catch!

You might think you’re getting a
deal that lasts the rest of YOUR
lifetime, but you aren’t!

The deal only lasts for the
lifetime of the safelist!

If the safelist shuts down you
can say “goodbye” to your
“lifetime” membership!

Does that mean “lifetime deals” stink?

No! Far from it! I LOVE lifetime deals!

The key is to choose the ones
that are likely to last.

And which are the ones that are
most likely to last?

The ones that have lasted the
longest so far!

It’s called the Lindy Effect –
google it!

There are some other things to
look for too.

We can make a checklist to test
any safelist that offers a
lifetime deal.

We can ask:

1. How long has it been around?
(5 years or more so the “Lindy
Effect” kicks in…)

2. Does it have many members?
(3,000+ members is good.)

3. Does the owner have a good
track record? 

4. Is the site well maintained?

If the answer is YES to all four
questions, then the safelist is
a good bet – if it is offering a
lifetime deal, you’ll get a lot
of leverage by investing in it.

To make it easy for you, I’ve
done some research and added 2
sites to the List Builder inside 
the Prosperity Marketing System
which offer lifetime membership

Here’s one that offers a $49
Lifetime Gold membership.

It’s an oldie and a goodie!

And you get $5 when you sign up!

And here’s the other. Each
level is a one-time payment deal
that gets you a chunk of ad
credits and lifetime use of the
solo mailer.

The highest level offer gets you
a stack of ad credits every
month and use of the solo mailer
once every 2 days – leverage at
its best!

Check them out and be sure to
add your affiliate links to the
programs on the List Builder in
the Prosperity Marketing System.

That way, you’ll be positioning
yourself to earn commissions
any time your referrals join
those programs.

All the best,

David Hurley

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